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My name is Christo Zeelie and I am the CEO and founder of healthopolitan.com we are a company dedicated to bringing our audience information that is accurate and honest. Family values are at the core of our business. If you have any question please feel free to send us a mail at:

[email protected]
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Christo Zeelie

We here at healthopolitan strive to give accurate news and findings in the health and wellness industries, we are committed to bringing all new weight loss diets and medical studies in regards to health and fitness to the foreground. All blog posts and news will be delivered in a readable standard so that no confusion arises. All blog posts will be our own work and that of guess bloggers. if we decide to use a post from other bloggers the names will be stated in that post.

No data including email addresses and names will ever be shared by healthopolitan or its employees to anybody we respect your privacy. Here are our

Our team at healthopolitan consists of 5 people that specialize in different industries namely

  • Susan – Nutrition
  • Amelia – Diet, and weightloss
  • Christo – Wellness and mindfulness
  • George Endurance

So we hope you enjoy this website and please give us a shoutout on social media we are on Twitter Facebook Pinterest and Instagram,

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The Healthopolitan Team

Healthopolitan team