Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss: Alana Thompson weight loss journey!

honey boo boo weight loss

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Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss journey starts with her first name Alana Thompson aka here comes Honey Boo Boo was an American television series that aired on TLC network.

In October of 2014, the TLC network canceled the show after honey boo boo mother “Mama June” Shannon was seen with a man who molested her oldest daughter and is the father of one of her children but all this aside we will be looking at the weight loss journey that honey boo boo is going through at the moment. [3] [4]

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Let’s jump right in with honey boo boo. [5]

Mama June

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The mother of honey boo boo has herself lost extreme weight and made headlines all over the world when she lost 300 pounds this also had a direct influence on honey boo boo weight loss [6]

It has changed mama June life for the better and now it’s time for Alana Thompson to do the same. Mama June admits that the diet they are on is called the no grease diet which just means no fried foods this cuts out trans fats which can lead to strokes and high blood pressure sodas are also off the menu. [7]

When it comes to diet it’s the small things that matter Mama June said.

About 2 years ago mama June tip the scale at around 460 pounds. It has been around 5 years since the show last aired honey boo boo mother transformed and lost around 300 pounds with the help of surgery and since stuck to a healthy diet she also when from a size 24 down to just a size 4.

Since the iconic foto of honey boo boo mother in that Baywatch swimsuit, she vowed that her children will also lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss

You will always get body-shamers that will find everything wrong with your body even if you are the thinnest there is Alana said

Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss

Although Alana Thompson is making an effort to live healthier and already lost 5 pounds her whole family struggles with weight loss problems Mama June admits that she’s worried about her kids’ health and that she doesn’t want her to go through the same health problems she did.

Like every parent I just want my kids to be healthy and don’t want them going through the struggles that I have gone through mama, June also complimented honey boo boo weight loss saying i will always support my children in healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Body-Shame Study

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Even with all the effort that honey boo boo is putting in towards her weight loss, she is still getting regular fans body-shaming the 14-year-old.

The reality is studies done in 2016 shows that not only is body shaming bad for your mental health but that people doing body-shaming mostly on social media suffer from low esteem
And mostly shame others because of there shortcomings.

Studies also showed that body shamers do this to feel better about themselves but in contradiction, it doesn’t work.

Loyal Honey Boo Boo Fans

Alana Thompson posted a pic of her sitting ontop a giant egg with the caption “uptown girls”
It wasn’t long before the body shamer try to snap at her saying “you are just as round as the ball” and another comment was ”wide-angle”

Some fans of honey boo boo commented on how she looks much healthier and thinner around the waist and congratulates her on her weight loss. For the trolls that body-shamed her, they told “This is not a nice comment you should be ashamed”

Health Intervention For Honey Boo Boo

During a show called The Doctors that aired on American television Alana Thompson’s family stage an intervention they were very concerned about the reality stars eating habits and how it’s impacting her health At that time honey boo boo weight loss was nowhere to be seen and she was tipping the scale at 126 pounds overweight for her current height

image 19

The show then arranges for a meeting with a nutritionist so that they can work out a healthy eating plan.

High School Already

In August 2019 honey boo boo enrolled as a freshman in high school this shock some fans as they remember that it was only yesteryear when they were watching the toddlers and tiaras star on stage. The legal age for a driving license is 15 in the state of Georgia and this is next up on the honey boo boo list.

She would love to get a honda she added.

Honey Boo Boo And The Drugs

More and more information appears on social media that the little girl often jokes about drug abuse. She conducted a live stream via Facebook for her fans, in which she simulated the use of narcotics.

some fans had a very bad reaction, in the same breath honey boo boo mother June was arrested for the illegal possession of substances and are now detained by police.

When Alana was asked questions about Mom in an interview with Us Weekly, she only said that she was proud to see her mother smiling again and that she was looking very happy. We all hope that with time and age honey bob boo will understand the significance that influence and the negative side of drugs can have on life’s journey

Dancing With Honey Boo Boo

In 2018 Alana Thompson joined the cast of the reality show dancing with the stars junior were they would be teamed up with a professional partner and dance for a panel of judges she was eliminated 5th on October 28, 2018 [2]

image 20

After the show aired some of her fans praise her for doing it and congratulate her saying that they can see she already loss quite some weight especially around the waist area.

Honey Boo Boo Net Worth

According to the sun, Alana net worth was around $800 000 when she was 13 years old
They reported that the here comes honey boo boo family pocket around $50 000 per episode from the TLC network and this was not including any endorsements.


Doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are in never look back to the past Like we can see with Alana Thompson all grown up and starting a new healthy and balanced lifestyle
With regular exercise and the correct eating habits, everyone can start enjoying life.

I must congratulate the honey boo boo on being more open and knowing when to put a body shamer in his place on comment added that honey boo boo must stop acting black which she in-turn replied I didn’t know that you can act a color well said and I hope all the best for you in the future.

Honey Boo Boo Now

image 5
Honey boo boo 2020

Although honey boo boo 2020 looks much different than the one we saw a few years ago she is still living life to the fullest. The above photo was taken in 2020 from her Instagram feed and the caption read “In love with my birthday cookies” After she posted the photo some of the comments were telling her to take care especially in the tough time called COVID19.

With around 26 000 likes on Instagram i believe that we will hear a lot more of honey boo boo now than ever before she is not one of those child stars that just disappear and we will definitely come visit this post with updates on the future.

Recent Update

honey boo boo runway model

The now 14-year-old recently share the runway with other models promoting the all-new show “Mama June Family Crisis” We all know that Alana and her other sister Lauryn aka pumpkin have been estranged from there mother as we can clearly see it in the WEtv show. Although the two admitted that they miss their mother very much they went on to say that the way Mama June treated them in the past is not so easy to forget.

In a recent interview The toddler and tiaras star said when their mother goes onto social media and admits to missing Tink but nothing about the other sisters it hurts quite a lot. June still does not get in touch with Alana. Last year October mama June was arrested on possession of an illegal substance and since that time Lauryn and Alana have been living together.

Lauryn said that we hope our mother sees us and that we are doing very well in our life’s and by this, she will let us back in hers. When Pumpkin’s boyfriend Josh failed to pay the rent thing when downhill fast luckily they had some money safe up from the shows they did and paid there rent that way. When you hold on to emotions and don’t let go bad things tend to happen. In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Alana aka honey boo boo pretended to snort cocaine and this landed them in hot water and a custody battle started.

Alana revealed that the three of them are currently living in a hotel room because of possible bad people looking for their mom Mama June. On a recent episode of family crisis mamma June spoke to honey boo boo admitting that she took thousands of dollars worth of drugs a day and that she even sold there Georgia home at a lost only to get fast cash. In the picture below mama June looks terrible and even got some missing teeth.

Mama june without teeth


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