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John Goodman Weight loss

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Who Is John Goodman 

john goodman weight loss

John Stephen Goodman was born on June 20, 1952, and will probably be recognized for playing Dan Conner on the famous tv series Roseanne which started in 1988 and aired until 1997 but this was not the only roles he played the other movie appearance include the 

Flintstones and Argo to name a few

John’s father passed away when he was two years old in an interview John said that if it wasn’t for his brother that was 14 years older than him and that of the boy scouts he joined he would have never discovered the funny side of life. [1]

John continued saying that he was bullied in school for being overweight and as a child, he was withdrawn and alone he later joined the football team and got a scholarship to play at Missouri State University.After High school, he joined Southwest Missouri State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1975.

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John Goodman Weight Loss Journey

Credit Popcorn with Peter Travers [2]

Pushing the scale down to 400 pounds was the heaviest that john goodman weight in his life

It was just getting tired of looking at myself. He said when you go to shave in the morning you get tired of looking at that guy in the mirror and that can be extremely dangerous, he added. And with that said john Goodman healthopolitan journey started.

When asked what he did to lose almost a quarter of his body weight he replied I just stopped eating but not like that I always had a handful of food in my hand and this will continue going to my mouth I was consuming all the time

Back in the day when I wanted to lose weight, I would take three months out then lose about 70 pounds and reward myself with six cans of beer and so the cycle just continued.

This time around I am a little older so I have to move around exercise more, I think more along these lines now eating healthy and exercising but doing it on a slow controlled basis.

This gives me all the energy I need as you know the type of work we do can be very draining

John said in an interview with ABC live with kelly that he almost shed around 100 pounds 

Here Is The Shovel Start Digging Your Grave

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According to John’s Goodman longtime friend and personal trainer, Mackie Shilstone who also helped the likes of Serena Williams told PopSugar that John had already lost around 85 pounds on the program he was on and then started to go back to old ways and at that moment gained all the weight back he already lost..

When I confronted John about this, I did it a little different.

I said John I am currently working on a new health and fitness television show and I would like you to play a part in it where John replied yeah sure. You see, John always uses the excuse of arthritis in his knees when things started to go sideways. It was then that I took him to St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, gave him a shovel and said start digging your grave.

Now if you want to motivate a client, this is one way to do it. After the prank, we sat down and discussed the consequences of his actions and the impact this will have on his wife and daughter. We spoke about what their future would be like if John wasn’t in the picture anymore. Mackie told John this is where it has to change you already got one foot in the grave.

The 3 Month program That Became a Year


When you see John for the first time after his 100 pound weight loss, you would think that the actor had it easy but after the grave incident Mackie took John into his three month program that lasted for one whole year John started doing cardio including boxing and was under medical supervision. 

Mediterranean Diet For John Goodman

Credit Instagram [3]

Not only did John do all the exercise but Mackie put him on an all Mediterranean diet as well

You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and cut out all red meat. Everything that you bake or fry gets extra virgin olive oil.

The big boost John found was not only to exercise and heat healthy but consuming all these healthy omega-three fatty acids helps with memory retention, and John said this helps him to remember his scripts much better.

Alcohol and Weight Loss

John self-stated that in the old days he would pack away a few Budweiser’s to celebrate the weight that he has lost. For everyone, it’s no secret that John has now cut all alcohol out of his life when you cut out alcohol. I can promise you that you will lose weight in some shape or form.

John has been very vocal in the past about alcohol addiction and how being sober can have an enormous positive impact on weight loss and general lifestyle.

Sleep Apnea

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According to Mackie John Goodman, personal trainer after the 100-pound weight loss that John had, he is also sleeping much better at night. John had sleep apnea and that is when you stop breathing while you sleep your body wakes you up and this can continue the whole night every night.

When you lose weight, your blood flow is much better. There is more oxygen to the brain, and this can help quite a lot when it comes to sleep, apnea patients.

No Slowing Down

John Goodman now 67 shows no signs of slowing down he has been in the television and film industry for more than 45 years currently he is working on the spinoff of the famous 1990 series Roseanne 9the show was cancelled after it came to the surface that Roseanne Barr gave a racist comment on twitter0 the spinoff called the conners as well as HBO The Righteous Gemstones,

The golden globe and Emmy actor recently spoke to why he isn’t yet thinking of retirement

There was a short period where I was unemployed between the cancellation of the Roseanne likely they asked me if I wanted to do The Righteous Gemstones. I said yes, and then the conners came back and suddenly had two jobs.



While it was a long road for Goodman losing his father at the age of 2 years getting bullied at school and being overweight for most of his life, it is with great astonishment that we see John now taking his health into his own hands and making a decision to lose weight and live longer.

John goodman weight loss journey is one of inspiration, and I believe if all can take their health into their own hands like John did the world would be a more prominent place you can catch on on two shows currently the conners and The Righteous Gemstones while John is reaching 67 this year there is now slowing down for this actor.

We wish him all the best for the future, and we will keep up to date on what John is doing, including health and weight loss. 

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