Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Makes 2020 Her Year For Health!

rebel wilson weight loss

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Rebel wilson weight loss journey starts while most of us are sitting at home because of the covid-19 world pandemic some celebrities have started losing weight early in the year. This article, we will be covering the journey of Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. How she was able to lose weight and look very much as if she is again enjoying life but for us to do that we have to start at the beginning

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Let’s jump right in!

Who is rebel, Wilson?

Rebel Wilson was born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds on the 2nd of March 1980 she started acting in her home country Australia and from there moved to Hollywood where she became famous for movies like pitch-perfect. Her character in the movie was called fat Amy because of her overweight status in real life however Rebel Wilson decided that 2020 would be the year that she looks after her health. [1][2]

Rebel is renowned and like for her comedic roles, she is a star, producer and role model for girls and women with overweight problems. [5]

Rebel Wilson showed that the stigma surrounding Hollywood and that the smaller dress size you can fit in is always better is truly not that.

How did Rebel Wilson Lose weight?

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When we saw rebel at the Australian open some of our jaws hit the floor where you can see the bridesmaids’ star had significantly lost a lot of weight well thanks to Jono Castanoacero [4] her personal trainer. Rebel has been working with Jono for a couple of months to lose some weight and Jono regularly updates his Instagram showing rebel working out. [3]

Rebel hits the gym 6 days a week doing a lot of cardio including running and walking.
In a video posted on Jono Instagram, you can see rebel Wilson doing battle rope slams while her fans cheer on the video.

It is a very good exercise to use body weight and gravity as resistance factors to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility,” Acero said. Jono told Hollywood life that rebel is very committed to her daily routine he also stated that he tells all his clients to do extra cardio during the day. {8]

Rebel Wilson weight loss transformation

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Possibly the biggest weight loss remedy after exercise is cutting out sugars and junk food. This will be a very hard rebel said.2020 Will be rebels year of health.

Her weight loss journey started in 2019 when she was filming “CATS” she already lost between 40 to 50 pounds and 8 of those pounds came in the first 4 days.

While the filming of cats was very physical the set was always around 100 degrees Fahrenheit so we never cooled down, rebel said. The risk of dancers getting injured is very high when the muscle is cooled this was the reason the set was so hot she added.

It’s very strange to think that rebel sign a deal with the pitch-perfect production stating that she has to stay the same size for the duration of the franchise so now that it’s over my year of health can begin.

Rebel Wilson Fashion Line

Rebel Wilson has always had a voice when it came to the oversize woman and once told InStyle magazine that she didn’t go to her friend’s wedding when she was in her twenties the reason was that she couldn’t find a dress in her size [6]

She then decided to create her own line called Rebel Wilson x angels and the sizes range from 14 to 24

Rebel Wilson Defamation Appeal

In September of last year rebel was awarded $3.5 million in damages [7]

A Victorian Court jury found that German publisher Bauer Media defamed her in a series of articles in 2015 saying that she lied about her age, the origin of her first name and her upbringing in Sydney

Three judges upheld the appeal and slash her payout to $454 000
Rebel claims she lost deals in movies like Trolls and Kung Fu panda 3 because of the articles published by Bauer media

The High court will set a date when the hearing will continue.

Rebel and the Covid-19

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When you start your new year with fitness goals normally average day life puts an end to it fast but not every day is it a worldwide pandemic that halters your daily workout routine so it happened to rebel just as she proclaims her year of health the pandemic halted it we hear from her how she is continuing with weight loss in the coronavirus pandemic. [10]

When you are committed to something there are no excuses likely for us there are a lot of online fitness classes from top trainers including workout exercises with household items

But if you can’t stand the house anymore I can go out and jog a bit as long as you stay 6 feet away from others

Rebel posted on Instagram “When the borders reopen and we can travel to our favorite places—I can’t wait to go back to @vivamayraltaussee in Austria and continue my health journey!” Wilson captioned the post. VIVAMAYR Altaussee is a luxury holistic medical retreat center that offers several different kinds of wellness treatments, including everything from massages to oxygen therapy. [11]

She also said that doing exercise either at home or taking it outside is always good for your physical and mental health especially now in these stressful times.

Rebel and the Ranch 4.0

Rebel stayed at the ranch for four days where she lost about 8 pounds and stated in an Instagram pic “OMG just finished 4 fantastic days at #TheRanch4.0 …so challenging but very rewarding!” Unlike The Ranch at Live Oak, the wellness center main outpost, features “a Thursday to Monday stay that is specifically designed for those unable to be away for a full week but still have the desire to lose weight, discover more facts about their physical health and learn sustainable nutritional habits,” according to the company. [12]

Do These Small Changes Says Rebel

  • Always try to be more active like standing when you check your emails or walking about when you are on your phone.
  • Hydrate and hydrate get a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated this is one of the biggest things you can do when trying to lose weight not only does water help curb your hunger by letting you feel fuller it helps your body function keeping cells healthy.
  • Do not starve yourself enjoy the things that you like but always make sure you do it in moderation enjoy dessert but not every night
  • Take the stairs not the elevator
  • Don’t ever try all these hyped up FAD diets which can be very dangerous to your health

Rebel And Emotional Eating

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Wilson told cosmopolitan that she is a great fan of desserts and ice cream the thing is when you turn to food in good times and in bad times.

Most people turn to drugs or alcohol to celebrate but I turn to the food she told the magazine back in 2015. [9]

Quick Meal Plan By Rebel Wilson

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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss starts with the following food groups

Fiber is the only food source that passes right through the digestive tract. Fiber is a necessity that helps stabilize blood sugar. Being on a high fiber diet can be a very good way to lose some weight and control blood sugar which in turn helps combat strokes and high blood pressure

There are other ways to lose weight

Rebel Wilson weight loss is also inturn help on by her love for healthy fats like Extra virgin olive oil. The intake of omega 3 like fish (salmon) is a great way to get some healthy minerals and antioxidants into the body.

Lean protein is a great way to lose some extra weight as you now protein is the building blocks of the human body and getting all minerals and iron the body needs i eat lean proteins like beans, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs.


Rebel Wilson is an inspiration to fans.

Rebel is already one if not the funniest woman grazing the silver screen at the moment she has always had a huge voice for oversize woman taking there thought and actions as her own Now she is making a change in her life not only choosing to change her physical body but doing so even with a worldwide pandemic in our mist

Thanks for reading the article let me know what you think if there is anything I left out let me know in the comments.

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