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fitbit versa special edition

Hey, guys, welcome back to the site. Today is finally here. We’re, going to take a peek at the Fitbit Versa special edition. I have been using the special edition for two months, and I just came from using Charge 2, so stay tuned.

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I did get this particular edition version with these unique straps, the gray one it’s, a lovely soft texture, it’s, sort of Like a woven cloth, almost like a nice tablecloth in a way, but you know it makes it feel like I, don’t even have a watch on and it’s comfortable.
So I like that. I know it comes in black and purple and then another special edition, so there’s. Of course, a lot of choices for you out there. This screen is my favorite thing. I had changed my screen to a custom clock.

You get the standard clock depicted on the box right here when you first do it, but um. If you go on your phone through the Fitbit versa app, you can change the clock faces and settings and apps if you push the power button on the side again and swipe to the right. It will have all your apps. I don’t have very many apps on here because I like having it is straightforward.
You could also check the weather. I found that very handy lately, mostly when I’m about to leave class, and I wanted to see what it was like outside, it goes off the GPS location of your phone.
So please make sure your Bluetooth connection is on for that. It’ll update this post and tell you where you should make sure your phone is nearby. Of course, you can also download apps. Certain apps have gone and been put back on Fitbit itself.

Versa special edition

Smart Fitness Watch

I have put on a flappy bird just if I’m bored and a leaderboard for when I’m challenging someone. I can see how many steps they are ahead of me or if I’m ahead of them. There are more options if you get the Starbucks app, for example.
If you go there regularly, you can even pay with Fitbit versa special edition.

So what I love about this that my charge doesn’t have is, of course, the clock face. I’m able to see everything I’m able to touch everything. I can see messages now. It’s got this feel of like an Apple watch.
If, if anything so, I could see respond to messages with specific little preset notification responses. Of course, all of that is done in the app, so make sure you download it. This, of course, counts your steps.

Those shows you, your distance, you’ve gone your calories, your floor’s, you’ve gone as well. It also does the continuous heart rate the sleep tracking. I love the sleep tracking because I’m. I’m always curious how good of sleep I’ve gotten, mostly after I’ve worked out, or if I’ve had like a, I’m sick or something yeah really, you know, helps me understand why I’m so tired.

Sometimes there are, also guided breathing sessions. Now I have never done that feature, but I’m sure. If you’re prone to anxiety – or you know, maybe need you, you need a moment to calm down or Sit.
I’m sure that’s a great feature.

This also has pretty clear reminders to move. Say you’re lazy or something you need to get up and move. It’ll let you know it’ll vibrate. This does have a vibration feature for you to feel and understand.

You can also get calendar notifications. I like that a lot since I’ll be walking to class and get a message of other stuff I forgot about. I’ll, be like oh calculus is this time, so then you know, how far away you, are this has a four-plus day battery life.
Honestly, that depends on how much you use it and how many notifications you get sent to your watch. I noticed when I first got it. I didn’t send notifications. But I noticed that the battery life tended to go down as I added more messages.

image 2

It was almost a whole week I didn’t have to charge it but choose to anyway. I will be setting it every four or five days, just like it says. It also has the feature to track my workouts and give feedback on how this feature performs in the future.

If I push the power button and swipe to the right, you can say exercise, and you can do certain practices such as running, biking, swimming and treadmill weights, or a specific interval timer. So when I’m at the gym and go on the treadmill, I usually pick the treadmill option. Choose the treadmill option on the phone.

My steps. I like this feature because you know i am a very athletic person. It can track, but I must say it took me quite a while to understand how to do that with the charge too since there’s no real big screen.

You can also get your smart versa special edition coach on here. If you do that feature with the watch, I don’t. My favorite thing on here is the alarms you’re able to send.
You were able to set the alarm actually, and it will vibrate until you dismiss it, so I have many of them. They vibrate, and I think it’s.
An excellent way to wake up. Sometimes I sleep through my alarm, but I never sleep through the vibrating watch.

You can download music straight to the eye from your computer, and it does have a Pandora feature.
My frustration with that part is, I’m a Spotify user. So if you use Spotify, that’s not going to be on there. They’re working on some Spotify integration.

That overall, I enjoyed this watch.
It’s. You know, I never really thought of myself as someone that would wear a watch I am not that into fitness and I wear this every day, and I feel lost when I have to set it down and charge it also, not to mention it is water-resistant up to 50 meters.
Sometimes it’s. Pouring rain outside, I feel like john lewis I’m going to destroy it, and I don’t, which is nice. I’ve put my hand in the same Quan said it was safe. I like that feature. That was what I was worried about with my charge.

I was worried that I was going to get water somewhere and like break it all. So this thing is pretty sturdy. I have smacked it on a couple of things on accident. I have even just scratched it, and there have been no marks whatsoever on it.

I am impressed by how an indestructible this seems to be. I figured at this point. I would have a Knick, maybe a scratch, but I don’t, and I was to this day I’m. Pretty surprised, I feel like I’m jinxing myself when I say that, but it’s nice.
It’s a nice size, I thought. Maybe it would be more significant, which might be a problem since when I was trying to buy this in stores, they don’t. Allow you to, you know, try it on or see what it looks like on your arm, so you’re kind of like oh well is this? Am I going actually to like this, but it doesn’t affect any of my hand.
Movement, it looks perfect and sleek. You know I dress up for business events and everything, which still goes well with my suit and jacket. So like it’s a great watch. You know interchangeably.
You can get different straps if that if you want to, you can get different clock faces for how you’re feeling. I love the ability to change, mix, and match and customize how you want your Fitbit experience.
So I wanted to show you a quick comparison between the charge and the Fitbit versa. Here’s what they look like on my wrist right here. The charge is separate. A little bit of charge is right here. This is the Fitbit versa special.

As you can see, the screen is a lot smaller. You don’t have individual more buttons on the side forgot to mention the alarm button is down here. If you want to access your alarm quickly, it’s the bottom one, and then the top one is exercise.
If you want to get a straight to exercise, alright guys, look at the Fitbit versa. I love this watch. I love it more than my previous charge, and I think it’s a great addition to my daily activities and so does our partners

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