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We have to give a brief introduction of what is Paprika, so feel free to use the table of contents to jump to the part you are interested in.

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Paprika on a spoon

What is Paprika?

Paprika is currently the world’s number four famous spice and is next to all the big names like salt and pepper. Paprika is made from grounded peppers that come from the Capsicum annuum species. Historians believed this spice was first cultivated in the regions now known as Brazil and Bolivia. [1]

The peppers were first discovered by none other than a famous guy called Christopher Columbus when he was on his voyage to explore the new world. He brought these spices back and gave it as a present to the queen of Spain.

There are many variances of these peppers, but the most common comes from Spain and Hungary. They also hold the standard for grading these spices.
Credit :Williamson Wines Epicurean Kitchen[2]

Types of Paprika

Normal Paprika

They are typically called plain Paprika as they are not cultivated in either Spain or Hungary. Rather any of the other countries that make these peppers, including Africa and China. This plain Paprika is typically used not for the flavor, which is mild but for its color that’s bright red.

Hungarian Paprika

In this country, the love for this spice runs quit deep into the historical culture; this is also the national spice of Hungary Days are a little longer here. The extra sunshine is loved by these plants. The climate is quite dry, which is also in favor of the pepper. They are sun-dried and grounded then used in goulash.

These paprikas very in flavor plus there are about eight different kinds that grow in Hungary

  • Kulonleges – this is the top quality one in Hungary
  • Feledes – this is a blend of spice from hot to mild
  • Edesnemes – this is the bright red one we are all familiar with
Lady working in paprika farm

Spanish Paprika

These are known as pimenton. They are only cultivated into parts of Spain, the Guadalentin Valley. The Comarca de la Vera These peppers are smoked dried when they are dried they are ground up with stone wheels that are situated close to the field that’s cultivated.

There are three different types of Paprika made in Spain. The most common is the hot spices that are ground with the seeds and ribs of the whole pepper.

Health Benefits of Paprika

These species are packed full of antioxidants and belong to the carotenoids family. If you take one spoon of Paprika, you would have your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. 

To get the best flavor out of paprika products we suggest to heat it with extra virgin olive oil.

The following are some health benefits that Paprika can provide.

  • Healthy Vision.
  • Reduce Inflammation.
  • Improve cholesterol levels.
  • May have anti-cancer effects.
  • May improve blood sugar.
  • Side effects of Paprika

Although Paprika is not likely to do any damage to your body. The risk is always there that you can intake more than the daily suggested amount you wouldn’t have a guest. Still, Paprika is used not only for flavor but for its coloring effects as well. This said it can be found in products like ice cream, meat, cand, and baked goods.

Paprika is considered safe by the food and drug administration. There was a study done on rats, which included 5mg of Paprika for 13 weeks, and a strong correlation between high blood levels and cholesterol was detected.

The long term study done in Tokyo found no side effects in the use of Paprika. This study was done over two years, and rats were used.

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Man working in a chili field

Paprika allergies

These types of allergies are mostly mild, but there are some which are severe and can lead to anaphylaxis which is a medical emergency, and you must seek medical attention If you typically have food allergies it’s better to get tested for paprika allergies

Common symptoms can include  Wheezing, Dizziness, Hives, and  Swelling of the throat.


  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Chilli Powder
  • Cajun Spice
  • Tomato juice and chili powder
  • Aleppo Peppers
  • Bell peppers
  • Red Pepper Flakes

Cayenne Pepper – This paprika substitute is one of the best you can use to replace Paprika. The colour is almost the same but it is a bit hotter than the paprika spice.

Chilli Powder – This is definitely hotter than Paprika. Still, typically chili peppers have to be blended to get the same effect.

Cajun Spice – Just like chilli powders, this is a blend of chilli white and black pepper. This makes a perfect paprika substitute as it’s not that hot.

Tomato juice and chili powder – One of the best replacement for Paprika would be tomato the color is mostly identical, but the taste is not what we can do is add just a pinch of pepper spice to get the more exact taste

Aleppo Peppers – these peppers are a blend and taste between cayenne and Paprika. The hotness also varies but makes a suitable replacement.

Bell peppers – These are more a homemade brand of Paprika you remove the stem and dehydrate the bell pepper in an oven at a 48-celsius. Place the bell peppers in a cotton bag and grind them together to form a powder. These would also have more fragrance than your typical over the counter paprika.

Red Pepper Flakes – these peppers sometimes has the same smoky flavor as Paprika but is a little bit hotter

If you are following a recipe, it’s best is to stick to those ingredients. If you decide to use a paprika substitute, make sure that the element has the same mildness as the dish.  If the gentleness is too hot in your palette, that isn’t good at all.

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Cut up yellow and red bell peppers

The best paprika substitute

Probably when it comes to the best substitute for Paprika, it would be  Ancho Chili Powder the flavor of this chili is almost identical to that of Paprika and out of all the above mentioned this would be the best one

Ancho chili is not considered to be your common kitchen spice, so it can be quite challenging to find in some stores.


Although it would always be best to stick with a recipe, sometimes it’s a necessity to remove one ingredient and replace it with another. We must just keep in mind that when it comes to Paprika, there are quite a few spices that can be used as a replacement Just keep in mind that the level of spiciness” hotness” can differ.


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