Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs – Dangerous To Health.

Bed bugs

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So in this article, we decided to move a little away from the common health-related issues and jump into another that most people probably didnt think of, but its an everyday occurrence Bed Bugs.[1]

There is quite a stigma surrounding bed bugs, and that is that you are an unhygienic person or your house is dirty we are here to crush this stigma and show you why you might have bed bugs as well as to correctly identify them cause there are bugs that look like bed bugs but is the opposite of these insects.[2]

  1. We have a few questions, are they dangerous to our health?
  2. What is a bed bug excactly?
  3. How can we get rid of these bugs?
  4. Are there bugs that look like bed bugs and how to identify them?

What Are Bed Bugs?

There are 3 different species of bed bugs, and they all belong to the family called (Cimicidae). They feed mostly at night, and their bites can cause skin rashes.

Bed bugs are generally oval shape, and mahogany or red/brownish they suck blood from humans but in most cases are mistaken by most people that they only occur where humans are present these bugs feast on all warm-blooded animals and an infestation are difficult to detect because of the difficulty of the bite and sometimes mistaken for other insects.

These bed bugs can easily travel long distances by clinging on your suitcase or linen and clothes these insects cannot fly, and they are about 5 to 7 millimeters in length. Although, as their name describes, these bugs like to live in beds but can survive in all other places like furniture and upholstered surfaces.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

Like we said, These bugs feed mostly at night and can cause some skin rashes. These bugs can cause psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Skin changes can occur in different extreme reactions ranging from redness of the skin to forming blisters.

In most cases, these bugs biting, there will be itching involved and can start immediately or over a week or so.

The signature bite of a bed bug on humans will typically occur with 3 bite marks in succession (in a row), but there are no know infectious diseases of these bugs.

Common Misconceptions of bed bugs

Most people believed that when you have bed bugs either in your home or hotel that its related to hygiene purposes, but this is rather far from real. Bed bugs are mostly carried to there destination either by luggage or any type of linen or other personal items.

They can also crawl to nearby locations. They are quite tricky to get rid of as they can live in crevasses and dark places for up to a year without feeding.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs!

The most accessible way to get rid of these bugs would be to wash all contaminated material including but not limited to clothes, bedding linen, carpets, curtains, al places were thy love to hide.

You can heat the room or area to 122 degrees Fahrenheit for about 90 minutes. This can help destroy all larvae and eggs.
Use a vacuum cleaner on surfaces where you suspect these bugs to live.
The use of pesticides can also help in some cases.
Call a Pest control specialist in extreme cases it is much better to leave it up to the professionals.

Studies have shown that these bugs are on the rise all over the world, and while the cause is still unknown, it believed to be the more human travel, the more these bugs are spreading. They have been known about for 3000 years, and the recent spike believed to be that of Second hand dealing with furniture.

Look out for these signs.

Bugs that look like bed bugs
Bugs that look like bed bugs

How would you know if you had an infestation of bed bugs well here are a few tips you can keep in mind if you suspect bed bugs to be the culprits.

Shed skins

Look in hiding places like dark small openings or crevasses these buggers like to hide, and in each live cycle that they go through, they shed their skin so it would be easily detectable.

Bed bug droppings

These little creatures leave small fecal matter behind after every meal that they had. It’s sometimes as small as the tip of a pen, but in large numbers, you can easily spot them color usually is black and looks like a round ball.


Like all other animals on planet earth, they reproduce, and the small translucent eggs can be spotted where ever they hide, it’s quite tricky to spot, but once you do easily recognizable.

7 cycles

The bed bug have 7 cycles they go through before reaching adolescence and each time they shed their skin they become larger and more colorful typically when they are small they are whiteish and are called nymphs, so keep a lookout for these nymphs if yu think you have an infestation.


Yup that’s right in a building where there is a full-blown infestation of bedbugs, the odor can be detected, and most people describe this order like smelling the same as coriander.

Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

Here are a few bugs that can be easily mistaken for bed bugs always do your research, but here are the most common bugs that are believed to be bed bucks but are something else.


eyelash mites

These little insects are mostly found on rodents but are known to invade humans when their preferred host is exterminated you get a different type of mites from microscopic to those you can see with your eyes. They come from a class called Arachnida and can grow in size from 0.01 to 0.03 in mm. There have been more abundant mites found.

The majority of mite are non-lethal to humans and lives in the soil and surrounding areas helping with decomposing properties. The bites of mites look the same as that of bed bugs but are rather painful than there counterpart.

They can barrow under the skin and will leave bumps and red marks.

Carpet Beetle

carpet beetle bites

These creatures are mistaken quite often with the bed bug type, although they are very hesitant to bite, you won’t come across them often as they hide very quickly.

The beetle can get up to 3 millimeters long. They belong to a family called Dermestidae. These carpet beetle are considered a pest, especially in history museums as the larvae can cause damage to fibers’ clothing and furniture hence the treat for history museums.

When most people come into contact with the carpet beetle larvae witch has a coating over it, they experience an allergic reaction, and this can lead to confusion that the culprits are bed bugs.

Like with the shed skin of bed bugs, the same goes for the beetle larvae, they also shed their skin while they grow and can be mistaken for bed bugs. If you are precisely lucky to catch sight of one, you will see that these to species have nothing in common.

Lice also called Louse.


The word lice itself is probably not the right term to coin in this stage as there are more than 5000 different Insecta under the term lice, but for simple reasons, we use the term thinking of the most common lice.

These creatures are commonly mistaken for bed bugs as they live on the skin or between the hairs of their host they eat dead skin and debris some lice like the sucking lice will spend their whole life on one host living there and laying eggs they also pierce the skin, and this is where the common occurrence comes in.

They will leave small itching holes, and people would believe that bed bugs make them.
There are only 2 types of lice that live on humans called head lice and body lice.

When you start to scratch and itch you would probably think that you have bed bugs, but this can be the body lice to identify these you could look if you spotted one at the back lice typically have a red spot in the middle of there body surrounded by brownish-yellow circles, or so the average bed bug is just colored mahogany to red-brownish in color.

There are many studies done on these lice and so-called model studies the head lice are harmless and cannot cause any diseases while the body like can cause some severe illnesses.


seed ticks

Are commonly mistaken for bed bugs there are only two families when it comes to ticks called Hard ticks and Soft ticks they can detect there host utilizing odor or changes in there surrounding environment.

Ticks can get between 3 to 5 mm long. It can take approximately one year for a tick to complete its life cycle and typically has 3 hosts in this period.

When it comes to spotting ticks and bed bug differences, the one standing out is there can be a big difference between a tick that has fed and one that hasnot, becoming bigger after a meal or quite flat before feeding.

Ticks will burrow into the skin as bed bugs do not. This will require you to manually remove them and therefore are not bed bugs.

Ticks can stick to the skin for up to seven days. This is how long it takes for them to feel they also like dark places like between toes bellybutton waist or armpits.


sand fleas

There are more than 2500 species of fleas. They are known as an external parasite. They can grow up to 3 mm in length and survive by sucking blood from there host. Their bodies are mostly flattened but can be narrow

On thing about fleas are they have hinge legs, which means they can jump quite far. It is also a characteristic of fleas and not bed Hbugs Fleas can jump about 50 times there body length. The only species that can jump further are the leapfrogs.

They are a reddish-brown color, and if you own any kind of pet, you would probably have seen some fleas on your animals they are mistaken for bed bugs as they can bite and suck blood, leaving marks and itching.

If you suspect that the bite is coming from fleas, speak to a medical practitioner as fleas can carry some extreme diseases.

When they reach adulthood, the female flea can lay around 5000 eggs in her life cycle. That’s many eggs, so if you suspect flea infestation get to the problem very quickly as it can lead to a whole lot of more fleas.

Cockroach Nymphs (baby cockroach)


There are about 4500 different types of cockroaches, but only 30 of them are associated with human habitats. These cockroaches date back to almost 350 million years ago.

When these nymphs hatch there are white but soon turn the standard reddish-brown color, and this is the most common reason for mistaking these roaches as bed bugs difference between two species is that the baby cockroaches don’t bite humans and they do not prefer staying in a bed instead opting in for humid and moist places that are a little darker.

Cockroaches can also become a pest quite fast, so if you think you have an infestation, call pest control immediately.

There you have it some bugs that look like bed bugs always investigate the problem before you think its bed bugs studies have shown that people commonly misdiagnose pest for that of bed bugs.

Are there any health concerns with bed bugs

Although studies have shown that bed bugs do not carry any harmful diseases, there are some other medical conditions that we go over.

People living in infested homes have shown severe mental issues, including insomnia and anxiety-related illnesses. Allergic reactions can happen from a few marks to a total allergic reaction that incases the whole body.

Bed bugs in public Places

While very slim to happen it’s not out of the question infestation of bed bugs can happen in hotels or office buildings what is 100 percent sure is that this creature can defenitly get a hitchhike into your home so its the responsibility of every employee to safe card against these bugs either in an office environment of a department store.

When you are in a department store that sells furniture or any kind of upholstery, make sure not to sit in these places, mainly second-hand furniture. If you suspect bed bucks wash your clothes at home immediately and leave your luggage or suitcase at the door.

These bugs love crevasses and dark places, so try and remove any sort of clutter either in your home or workspaces.

Discourage the stigma around bed bugs people would criticize others if they are known to have bed bugs it is not a hygiene problem, but merely an optimal habitat or environment try to vacuum daily to remove these little critters.

Do it Yourself

Although if you find that there are an infestation of bed bugs or any kind of insects, it’s somewhat better to call a pest control expert not only do they now which pesticides to use but the now where the hiding spots are.

Sometimes hiring pest control isnt an option as it can be quite expensive here are some ways to deal with bed bugs on your own we suggest to follow the rules by phoning a pest control expert.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to dealing with bed bugs on your own.

  • How many bed bugs do you have;
  • How much clutter is available in your house for hiding places;
  • Whether your neighbors have bedbugs; and
  • Whether all residents of a house or building will participate.

You can find more information on this here.


Although this article was all about bugs that look like bed bugs, I believed we dealt with more than that this article is a little long and if you are reading this I thank you for going through the article

Bed bugs are not dangerous at all, but some severe allergic reaction can occur the stigma surrounding bed bugs should be squash you are not dirty or unhygienic when you have bed bugs, just a bad case of the perfect habitat for these little insects.

Always consult with a pest control expert to help exterminate bed bugs if you found to have them remember that these bugs can also hatch at your work environment so always educate others to be careful if you are in any second-hand furniture stores especially those that deal with furniture and upholstery

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