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When you pass, do you want to be cremated or buried, maybe you want to be cryogenically frozen in a cryonics lab for the possibility that technology would exist in the far future to wake you up either as yourself or an A.I? 

I know great intro but getting real for a moment we will be looking at some interesting facts about cryonics including a case study on Kim Suozzi she got frozen in hopes to be revived in the future when technology can cure her illness.

Cryo-Preservation Of Kim Suozzi

On January 17, 2013, Kim Suozzi Patient number 114 became a permanent resident at the Alcor life extension foundation. The facility[2] specializes in cryopreservation.[1] You see Kim suffered from incurable and extremely aggressive cancer called glioblastoma multiforme[4] She tried to eat right and exercise keeping a healthy diet.

The cancer was sure to kill Kim in about 12 to 14 months but what this disease didn’t know is that Kim will win in the end. Kim Suozzi is 23 years old a graduate of Truman State University. She was devastated when the news struck she is going die young, but that didn’t stop Kim.


Help Me Reddit!

She pleaded with the Reddit community[3] in the hopes to get some funds for neuro cryopreservation( when only the head and brain are placed in cryopreservation) in three days she got $17 000, and in 2 weeks the estimate was around $50 000 in her vlogs on youtube she said thank you to everyone who donated and express her eternal gratitude towards members of the cryo community.

Detailed Timeline of the neuro cryopreservation of Kim Suozzi.

cryopreserved 1

“When a scientist states that something is possible he almost certainly is right any sufficiently advanced in technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Kim Suozzi
credit Kim suozzi[6]

How does cryonics work?

The idea is quite simple cryonics is a theory that you test out by preserving your body in very low temperatures in the hope that technology would exist in the future to bring you back to life. It’s not that simple but everything in cryonics would just be speculation at the moment.

This Is What Happens When You Die.

Step 1

You are declared dead and first responders from the cryonics labs you chose have to make sure that blood is still circulating utilizing CPR.

Step 2

If you opted to be frozen the medical staff would be at the hospital to make sure they jump as soon as your last breath leaves your body. The body is placed on ice and injected with different substances to preserve the brain.

Step 3

The blood is removed from the body and filled with a chemical solution called cryoprotectant. This helps fight of ice crystals in the body.

Our bodies have a whole lot of water inside it, and if the cryoprotectant isn’t circulated through the body, the cells will freeze on attempting to thaw the body cells would rupture and burst.

Step 4

The body is then cooled to -130 celsius and inspected to make sure all procedures have been followed if the medical staff are happy the deceased is placed in a container and lowered into a tank of liquid nitrogen which is -196 degrees celsius. 

Dr James Bedford the First Frozen Man

Dr James Bedford was the first man to be cryo clinical frozen on January 12, 1967, he was a 73-year old retired psychology professor actually he was the second human, the first a woman was later removed from suspension after some doctors and nurses didn’t want to go ahead with the procedure.

Bedford’s body was examined 24 years later by Mike Darwin, and in an open letter he wrote:

“I cannot describe the feeling of elation I had when I peeled back the sleeping bag that enclosed you and saw that you appeared intact and well cared for.” Dr. Bedford, I hope we really meet someday. I am not sure we will have much in common, save perhaps for the heritage of the culture and era which we both shared. 

We will both have lost friends and family who chose not to accompany us; that sadness we will also have in common. But far more importantly, we will have the joy, the sheer, unbounded joy of being alive in a universe where we can move freely, unchained from the bonds of gravity, earth, and time. And your dream, the dream of reaching a tomorrow where you can resume living, will have been realized.[5]


While there are a lot of beliefs and ethics surrounding cryonics I believed that if there is just one in a billion chance that this can work someday these people currently in suspension would wake up and live there life to the fullest thinking that they made the best decision of there future life 

Maybe cryonics in some way is a means of time travel to the future where they can say I had cancer and survived. 


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