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Being able to clock double-digit miles in an afternoon is impressive. But it’s not the ultimate test of aerobic fitness. What is then? Your aerobic capacity is how your body uses oxygen, known as VO2 max—linked to heart health exercise recovery and fitness. Potential says exercise psychologist Pamela Gainesville. Athletic VO2 Max tests done on a treadmill can be pretty intense. But a 2017 study found that the average person can use a simple step test. To get a picture of real-world heart recovered following aerobic exercise.

The Test

3-minute step test equipment that you will need is a step metronome and timer

Stand facing a 30-inch High step and set the metronome to 96 beats per minute. Download the metronome by sound bender free for iOS and Android. Or type metronome into Google and stream it. Start a 3-minute timer, then place one foot on a step and follow by the other foot. Stand on the bench for a second or so. Step back down onto the floor, staying in time with the beat-up up, down, down. Continue until the three minutes are up, stop immediately, sit down, and take your pulse. Count the number of beats per minute for the next 60 seconds.

How Did You Do?

Suppose your heart rate is less than 100 beats per minute that is excellent. If your heart rate is between 100 and 150 beats per minute, that’s average. If your heart rate is higher than 115 beats per minute, you definitely need improvement.

Boost Your Score

Enhance your aerobic mobility in as less than 42 days. With this high-intensity workout four times a week. Get on a treadmill and run at the full out Max for 4 minutes. Rest for 3 minutes then repeat five total rounds. A recent study found that this way of doing things was better—other protocols and improving VO2.

Upper Body Strength

This is where we tell you to drop and give us 60 seconds of your best push-ups. Right actually, we know, while push-ups are one of the most efficient moves out there today. To show off your strength, seeing how many you can bang out is. Reflective of your upper body strength. When it comes to halting off shoulder injuries promoting good posture and rocking everyday feats of power, it is very crucial to know exactly how well you can pull. This means you want to be checking the flip side of your body. For example, The back area is the main problem. In which many athletes are actually the weakest. Says strength and conditioning specialist Tony Gentilcore.

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The Test


Equipment TRX suspension trainers. Lie on your back underneath a TRX. (a machine where you can use your hands to pull you upwards). The handles should hang an arm’s length above the floor with arms extended. Grab the handles and with palms facing each other and let your upper body off the floor until your body forms a dead straight line from head to heels. Now bend your elbows and push your chest to the handles keeping your elbows tucked in close. To your body, once the handles are on either side of your chest, pass, then return to start. That’s one rep. Do as many as you can.

How Did You Do?

Suppose you completed eight reps or more excellent if you completed 5 to 7 average. If you completed 2 to 4 reps, it definitely needs improving.

Boost Your Score.

For each pushing exercise that you performed during your weekly routine, do two pulling exercises say Gentilcore. This will get your back strength up to where it needs to be without neglecting your chest?

Lower body strength

You may think of bottom half strength as a collective effort between glutes and calves, but that’s missing information. If you are looking for the perfect backside, you have to get zeroed in on your booty exercises. The gluteus Maximus is the eye-catching keystone of your body, says doctor Bret Conterra. A sports scientist known for building backsides. Your booty makes up the single largest muscle group and is the team captain when it comes to your lower body power. Performance testing, one leg at a time, requires more strength and stability. The more you split the two muscles, the harder one has to work on pitching in. Plus, discrepancies between the two sides are easier to spot then if you were to do more traditional two-legged lower-body tests.

The test

Lay against a 30 to 40 cm tall flat bench or wall with your feet flat hip with apart and your arm straight out on the bench. Lift your right foot keeping your face forward. Make sure your left heel is flat on the ground and squeeze your booty. Then lift your backside off the floor until your body forms a straight line from shoulder to heel. Your left shin should be vertical, and you push your chin to your chest. After completion, lower to start Position after its complete do as many as you can with the proper form. If you begin to twist when you raised or fail to reach full head extension, that’s the end of the test, try to repeat on the opposite side.

How did you do

Suppose you completed more than 20 reps per leg excellent. Suppose you completed only 20 average. If you completed less than 20 reps, it needs improving.

Boost Your Score

By strengthening the hip thrust squat and doing deadlift variations three days a week. If one side is stronger, do one leg type of those same exercises like this moves you a little in the opposite direction. That can help even things out. Stick to weightlifting and only do enough reps to come up for the last set.


All these years, you’ve only learned to touch your toes. This made you look cool, but flexibility doesn’t refer to how flexible you are. Says Dr. Somerset, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. LOL well, you can move with control through a range of motions. Your mobility is the ability to perform an exercise. If you get on the floor for exercise, there’s one area in which you and 78% of women tend to be flexible but not mobile. You can fix this by lying on the table and holding one leg. And letting the other leg hung down this checks passive mobility. The test is simple while you are relaxed to contract the hanging leg while you hold on to the other leg. When the muscle is lax, the analysis looks at whether you can contract the muscles. This gives a more detailed sensitivity to mobility, a complete picture says, Somerset.

The test

Stand with your back against a wall and hip with apart. Feet must be together and about 15 centimeters away from the wall. Press your lower back into the walls. So the whole spine is in parallel with the wall. Lift one leg as high as you will be able to and pull it inwards. While keeping your back flat to the wall, release the knee, and try not to let it drop at all repeat on the opposite side.

How did you do

Suppose your knees stay in place for longer than 15 seconds excellent if your knees stay in place for up to 15 seconds average. If your knees drop as soon as you let girl needs improving.

Boost your score

Suppose you are stretching only during workouts, if at all. But you’ll get way more rewards if you add it throughout the day. The test here doubles as an excellent move for strengthening your hip flexors—where you will be much happier at the end of the workout day. Somerset says at least twice daily performed 53 seconds old beside.


There you have it this quick test that can determine your wellness. And help strengthen four significant parts of the body. It will definitely help you gain the fitness of your body. Stick to these four exercises daily. And you will start to feel amazing within 30 days. Like we said, in the beginning, this is a quick and accurate assessment. And it can help you take your body to the next level.


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