My First Heart Attack Was Silent…How About Yours?

If you dont lose weight or go on a diet you will get a heart attack or heart problems

8 Tips You Can Try To Keep Your Heart Healthy…

Women’s hearts are totally different from that of their male counterparts symptoms that we as women get in regards to heart attacks looks different and there is even a heart disease that only affects women in the next article is everything that you will need to be prepared for a heart attack should you get one

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Before we begin here are some numbers that  affect women and heart attacks here are six conditions that you should keep in check if you do that then you should be fine

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

Your blood pressure is 120 over 80 or lower your LDL HDL and total cholesterol is under 5 The optimal rate is above 1.2 and under 3.

Your blood sugar is under 5.5. So what do we do in case of these types of conditions are too high?

The answer is simple: you have to eat the right food half an hour off gym work a day if that doesn’t work you should consult a medical practitioner that would provide a medication if you want to know more about this stuff visit some of our other blog posts

Women who have high blood pressure chances of getting a heart attack or more likely than men with high blood pressure your chances of getting a heart attack if you are diabetic  are 5 times more likely than if you were a male

It is no myth that the hearts of women differ quite a lot  than that of their male counterparts the difference is so broad that most of us are diagnosed quite the wrong way and in that case is not getting the correct treatment and some of us will not make it on the operating table the difference start at heart density women’s way around 230g to 290g where male hearts weight 280 g to 340 g so in that case, a small women’s heart can be half the size of a big males heart men arteries are 10 times bigger than that of women and women’s arteries are smaller and much more flexible than that of men. 

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There are one condition that scientist knows only affects woman’s heart it is called peripartum cardiomyopathyThis condition is known to enlarge the heart in women that are pregnant and close to giving birth the last few months or after 6 months  into the newborns life even if it comes to heart operation women are more likely to die in surgery than men in a recent study it has shown that women no less of heart diseases than that of men so in order to understand a woman’s heart better we have to read the following article

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

1. A woman’s heart attack  looks totally different than that of men

For men a  heart attack would be symptoms of lots of pain inside the chest area heart attack comes really quickly and then dissipate men wood easily know that something is wrong even though a lot of women explain to have the same symptoms another study has shown that woman experience a heart attack said that they had seemingly no pain at all the thing is you would feel short of breath and feel a lot tired you would also sweat a lot the pain would probably be inside of you jawThese symptoms are a lot more common in this time and women think that these types of symptoms are most likely just overworked just tired the sweating nurse would believe that day are just overworked it is our suggestion that if you experience any of these types of symptoms you visit your medical practitioner or GP immediately.

2. How do you know that it’s really a heart attack

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

 ask yourself the question did these symptoms sweating the tiredness did they all start suddenly or were you waking up feeling tired or sweating all day if you answer is yes to the first question see a GP immediately always follow your intuition if you feel that something is wrong go see a doctor immediately do not try to agree with the symptoms, for instance, you are tired you did not sleep very well last night you are sweating probably the work you are doing it will not help feeling your pulse as your Paul phone not give anything away not even a EKG machine can pick up the minimal differences when you are getting a heart attack

3.Two types of heart problems in women

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

 just as you are getting a lot of terms for cancer the term heart problem or disease is a name for all the types of different heart conditions that you may experience two of these types of problems are more difficult to diagnose and both of them  our only forthcoming in women the first one is called microvascular heart disease This disease are the normal regular one whereby the arteries are blocked and no blood flow can go through these arteries this in cases are a normal heart attack we see these type of heart attacks more likely in men the thing is when it comes to women with these type of heart disease we are looking for these blockages but cannot find them that’s why they are called micro as with woman these diseases are normally around the arteries of the heart and not in the main vein like that of men

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This disease normally affects people that had high blood sugar and high blood pressure 4 years living with these high effects would cause heart attacks in women that are probably mostly misdiagnosed the inside of the artery wall are damaged because of low oxygen levels  this means that oxygenated blood going to the heart are carrying less oxygen than that of a normal human being, in this case, damaging the heart in a hole The only thing that you really can do is to keep all this in check namely daily exercise and eating right as doctors we cannot look at the whole artery network to identify the blockage where buy men it will probably be in the main vein where the blockage occurred and in that case can be rectified

4.Broken heart syndrome

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

 yes you read right it does exist this syndrome occurs mostly in women that have high extreme sport indications whereby the most common hormone namely adrenaline is the culprit a scientific study has shown that adrenaline has more negative effects on the human heart then positive when adrenaline hormone is sent into the body the heart beats faster sends more blood to all of limps for  fight or flight response This condition is rarely diagnosed correctly Leading to treatment that is not applicable to that condition in times of heavy stressful situations such as the loss of a loved one or any kind of stressful situation you can convince yourself that the pain you are feeling inside your chest area is normally the normal diagnosis of these types of events are stress depression heart disease in most cases on never in question if you ever receive any kind of pain in your chest we buy anywhere you were in any situation it’s always practical to ask your health practitioner for a heart exam the good news is that this disease is reversible 

5. Lifestyle between men and women are different

woman that are obese or over weight will suffer more from heart attacks or hearproblems if you follow a regular diet your changes off getting a heartattack is slim find out more at

 Usage  after pill or so-called morning-after  pill name it what you want by using the pill or sticker for that matter would increase your risk for higher blood pressure luckily for us women being the pill only starts affecting us negatively in and around 10 years so being on the pill for more than a decade to should be fine 

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Smoking scientific studies have shown that women are more likely to smoke than men more smokers in the world are women smoking causes artery disease it is never a wise choice for women above the age of 35 to smoke and use the pill cause this can lead to all sorts of heart complications women receive chemo for breast cancer showed that women that receive radiation for breast cancer have lower heart rate muscles function than women that do not receive breast cancer treatment luckily for women after breast cancer treatment the heart starts to heal itself

6. Women are more obese than men

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 in our country 70% of women are overweight, studies have shown that women that are overweight are more prone to Heart diseases and illnesses than men It is also known that heart attacks and heart diseases are the biggest known killer in the United States today

7. How long can I live once I had a heart disease or heart attack

 studies have shown that people that had one heart attack or any kind of disease related to the heart have lived more than 5 years or longer so for that reason I would say your estimate life expectancy after having only one heart attack in this case meaning you change some of your lifestyle habits like exercise eating healthy stuff like that would probably nearer to depending on your already health wellbeing can be anything between 5 to 20 years 

When it comes to food that you eat which in turn can prevent heart disease and heart attacks you should look at the following

Foods that are mostly plant-based like fruit veg serials all-grain all these kinds of stuff should make up at least half of your plate at supper time

animal-based products should be included but keep to bare minimum examples are lean meat milk and eggs 

Seafood is great alternative all types of fish dishes should always be included 

Another big concern in today’s life is smoking smoking Narrows the arteries leading to blood clots that can drain the heart of oxygen resulting in a heart attack if you would like to quit but are struggling please visit the link below If you need a power boost to commit to quitting, reach out: is there for you. You can visit the Heart Foundation website to learn more about ways to quit smoking

8. Powerful ways that you can strengthen your heart 


Don’t overeat When we say don’t over it normally applies to the holiday season Eating a lot of food at once shifts the blood flow from the heart to the stomach where it has to digest This can also cause irregular heart rhythm which in turn can cause heart attack 

Get moving as we all know your heart is a muscle and a muscle  that you aren’t using will eventually die out The best advice I can give is to find your optimal heart rate then finding an activity that you like to perform in cases like walking or running and then doing this for about 30 minutes a day Another big one is quit smoking that’s all I would say about that Another big one is obesity or if you are overweight overweight people are more likely to get heart attacks or heart diseases Some good news is that red wine and chocolate contribute to Heart health but only in moderation Coco is an ingredient that you would find in chocolate studies have shown that cocoa has antioxidants which reduce the risk of heart diseases Eat healthy hearty foods Fish and guacamole are one of the big powerhouses when it comes to healthy foods 

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A recent study has shown that people who did moderate exercise throughout the whole day or more likely to not have any kinds of heart diseases than that of people who sat six to eight hours and then tried to go to the gym 

In conclusion ladies, I would suggest if you feel any kind of pain in your chest area if you had any traumatizing situation happened to you in recent weeks or even just natural daily activities get a second opinion from another health practitioner

Thank you for reading this article I would much enjoy it if you would share this cause the biggest gain you can make is to discover a cure for a disease you didn’t know you had

Please feel free to comment or suggest any other articles also feel free to read some of our other blog posts. have a nice day Christo

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