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There are a lot of people out there who are ashamed and embarrassed about their feet and try to hide them in boots and closed shoes. Well in this article we are here to show you 10 ways that you can start right now to leave your feet healthy and looking pretty. Unfortunately, you get those guys and girls whose feet are just healthy-looking all the time then you get the rest of us who has to work every day to keep our feet looking cute and pretty. [2]

Pretty feet

Let me say that it’s not that hard to get pretty feet and an hour a day will want you to throw away all those ugly tightening shoes for new open sandals

so let’s jump right in.

We will be covering a lot in this article so please feel free to use the index to jump to a specific part of this article.

First, we will start with the 10 ways you can leave your feet feeling healthy and looking pretty..

1. The common Foot Soak For Pretty Feet


Let me ask you this you take great care of our face because this is the first thing people see and judge you by you put on night cream wash it daily and use a moisturizer so why not give the same attention to your feet

Use a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water it must be the goldilocks method not too hot and not to cold hot water can leave burn marks and dry out your feet and cold water will not be relaxing at all

Do not do foot soaks when there are visible cut and open sores on your feet; always consult with a Podiatry their specialty is in medicine that deals with the feet.

You can use ingredients in the lukewarm water like sea salts, and essential oils to help moisture retention in your feet. Soak your feet for approximately 10 minutes in the water do not leave it longer as softening it too much can leave cracks. Listerine is also recommended by doctors for foot soaks just remember so apply moisturizer afterward.

This foot soak can be done on a regular or daily basis and will leave you with pretty feet in one week.

cute feet

2. Don’t Hang Around Hard Skin Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is just a grand word for the removal of hard and dead skin cells. The feet go through vicarious stress and friction daily which makes the removal of dead skin cells very necessary for healthy feet.

Use a foot file to remove dead and hard skin cells. After that, you can buy exfoliate foot creams in stores. These would have microbeads that remove the hard and dead cells when you apply and rub the feet. We will come to the product reviews later on in this article.

Remember to always apply a good moisturizer or foot cream after exfoliation as your feet can feel quite ruff and sore after exfoliation. Believe me, your pretty feet will thank you later.

Another tip is if you are living close to the sea you can use the sand as an exfoliator even mud can also work which has very fine particles that will do the same work and will be much more appreciated by environmentalists as microbeads from exfoliators are non-biodegradable.

Sea salts and Epsom salts will also make great exfoliates

3. What To Do With Calluses Bunions And Corns

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Bunions are normally a condition which affects the joints and bones of the big toe these problems occur more in women than men and they develop over a long period when the bone in the base of the toe forms outward and the toe itself move inward a bunion is formed this is called (hallux valgus) in Latin

The most related cause is feet that are forced into narrow pointed footwear and the big toe press against the other toes normally moving under or over them

The first thing that you can do to relieve the pressure is by wearing the right kind of shoe with the right fit. Another factor to consider is your weight. You are more likely to develop bunions if you are overweight so keeping a good healthy weight will also ensure pretty feet. [3]

When you have bunions that are painful and sore you can use normal over the counter medicine to combat inflammation like aspirin or ibuprofen and lukewarm water will help get you back on to your feet.

Calluses and Corns

When there are areas of the kin of the feet that are normally open to a lot of pressure and friction calluses can form. This happens when the body wants to protect this underlying skin from getting injured. The most logical place calluses will form is on the feet but it can also form on elbows and hands.

Calluses have a distinct yellow pale color.

The calluses are more common in people that stand upright most of their day. Wearing shoes that are too tight or not the right fit can also cause calluses and corns. Other factors include sweating of feet. This condition affects more women than men.

Corns and calluses can become very painful. We suggest seeking medical advice if this is the case.

Pumice stones can be used to scrape the calluses and corns after letting it soak in warm water for about 10 minutes.

Insoles and protective gel inserts can help prevent calluses and always make sure that your shoes and socks fit properly.

4. Don’t be a Clown Wear The Correct Footwear

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The biggest cause of disease pain and inflammation related to feet health is that of not wearing the right footwear

When buying shoes let a salesman help with measuring your feet and helping you select the appropriate shoe for you. Unlike modern-day beliefs, your feet size can change over time.

Fun Fact – Most people normally have one foot that’s a little bit bigger than the other so choose a shoe size that goes with the bigger one.

When you stand upright with new shoes on there should be about half an inch or 1.25 cm between your big toe and that of the shoe inside the wall. When purchasing shoes don’t make fast decisions walk around the shop with these new shoes first if something doesn’t feel right move on to the next pair.

Below you will find a shoe size chart for your convenience.

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5. Grooming Your Toenails Properly.

We never stop and think twice about toenail care but serious problems can occur from cutting your toenails the wrong way especially people suffering from diabetes.

Here are a few tips that can help you when it comes to cutting your toenails.

Do not in any circumstance use scissors to cut your toenails, always use a propper sharp toenail cutter and don’t cut your toenails with the curve of the toe always cut straight across this will help prevent ingrown toenails.

Try always to cut your toenails when they are dry. Cutting them when wet can lead to tears or just not cutting smoothly these happen because the nails are softer.

There is no specific timeline for cutting your toenails. Everyone grows at a different speed but make sure that they are not too long, for instance, touching the inside of your shoe.

Our toenails receive daily abuse from workouts and wrong fitted shoes make sure to take in a lot of vitamins like B12 which will strengthen the toenail you can eat stuff like meat and fish eggs and dairy for healthy-looking toenails 

Toenails are the thing that most people see first if they look at your feet so make sure to keep your toenails healthy and clean. Then you can show off your pretty feet.

6. Relieve Blistering On The Feet 

A blister is in sports a fluid bubble that forms on the skin this can be for a lot of reasons friction or trauma maybe sunburn but depending where it is on the body this can interfere with everyday life

Blisters on feet are caused by friction and the most common reason is standing for long periods and will only be made worst with poorly fitted shoes. When the friction occurs by either loose or tight-fitting shoe fluid is build up under the upper layer of the skin

Lots of sweating can also cause blisters to form

Don’t open or prick a foot blister lots of people are tempted to open up the blister but studies show that when opened there are many more opportunities for open wound infections so rather cover up the blister and let it heal.

That said when there is pain involve relieving this pain by draining the blister can help to depend on the size so here are a few ways to drain the blister

Make sure that your hands are a clean wash with soap and water ar alcohol base gel

Clean surgical needle with alcohol and make a small puncher in the blister bubble 

Let all the fluid drain and cover up with plaster.

7. Make Them Happy Moisturize!

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Like we said earlier we put our feet through a lot of vicious strain during the day and that’s why we need to keep them soft and hydrated there is a lot of essential moisture and oil lost during the day.

You can use normal lotions if you please but the foot is made up of much thicker skin than the face so if you can afford it it’s better buying the right moisturizer for your feet

If you have a lot of dry skin around your feet apply moisturizing cream at night this will help the feet absorb much more of the moisturizer

carbamide-containing cream or urea for short helps in the medication of dry feet and itching you will find it in most good quality foot care products

8. The Wetter The Not So Better.

Like with any kind of hygiene we practice foot hygiene is also very important always remember to wash with soap and water 

Make sure that your feet are especially dry between the toes as bacteria love the moisture-rich places keeping these parts dry will lower the probability of getting fungal infections 

Never share socks and footwear with others

When feet are kept in moisture-rich conditions the chances of getting infections like athletes foot are very high it normally starts between the toes and causes irritation and itching.do not put any nail polish on an infected toenail as this can make the problem worse 

If you are regularly in contact with moisture use baby powder inside the shoes this can help with absorbing the moisture leaving you with pretty feet again

Some home remedies of athlete’s foot are 

Tree oil – which has antibacterial properties

Place your feet in water with approximately 70 percent rubbing alcohol this will kill the fungal infection if it is on the surface area soak your feet for 30 minutes.

Garlic and sea salt bath – although garlic is not that pleasant when it comes to smell some studies showed that it cure 79 percent of athlete’s foot that’s remarkable.Sea salts have strong antibacterial properties that can be used as a home treatment for athlete’s foot. 

9. Get Regular Pedicures

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Well sometimes it just helps to get professional help and that seems to be the case here if you want pretty feet I suggest visiting a professional for a pedicure at least once a month.

A pedicure is a treatment for your feet that helps with removing dead skin cells and softens hard skin and treat toenail condition this is normally done by a qualified technician  

Pedicures can help to keep you relax in these stressful times we live in. It can help with posture-related issues as you walk much better on feet that care for. It can help if you suffer from foot-related problems

Different kinds of pedicures

  • French pedicure: long-lasting nail varnish, which whitens the tip and squares off your toenails
  • Intensive paraffin wax pedicure: warm wax is rubbed into your nails, feet, and lower legs to moisturize and soften them
  • Gel pedicure: clear or colored gel is bonded to your nails with UV light for a long-lasting glossy finish

10. Seek Medical Help If It Gets Worse

Sometimes over the counter remedies are just not working for the condition you might have let use athletes foot for this example when the infection went away and came back for a second time this is a great time to seek medical attention.

When you treat symptoms for more than four weeks without any sign of process then seek medical attention. If the infection is starting to spread to other areas of the body then seek medical attention.

There you have it 10 ways you will have pretty feet by the end of the week. By following a great hygiene routine and following the steps layout in this article there are no need to hide your feet in ugly closed footwear we all have unique feet but the most important thing is to keep it healthy 

Some Stats About Feet

  • Two and a half high inch heel will increase the load on the foot by 75%.
  • 75% of people experience feet problems at one time or another in their lives.
  • 60% of all foot injuries aged 17 or older are ankle strains or sprains.
  • 6% of the United States population has foot injuries, bunions, flat feet or fallen arches each year.
  • Humans have nearly 8000 nerves in our feet.
  • King Edward II said that barleycorn was the basis for shoe measurement.
  • The most expensive shoes ever, Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of OZ, sold for $660,000.
  • The oldest preserved shoe, incidentally, is 5500 years old and was found in an Armenian cave.
  • The feet can contract an array of nasty diseases from communal showers: Plantar Wart, Athletes foot, Ringworm

There you go we hope that you keep your pretty feet out of Communal showers!


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