What Are The First Signs Of PCOS?

What Are The First Signs Of PCOS

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What Are The First Signs Of PCOS? In this article, we will be going over what is PCOS! What are the causes! And what can you do about it! (1,2,3)

Before we begin a small disclaimer although we at healthopolitan take great care to provide correct info on medical conditions.

We must state that we are not doctors or trained in any medical occupation be wise and always consult with a medical practitioner this article is only for informational purposes.

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Below is a video describing the daily life of a woman struggling with PCOS and how she almost reversed the condition.

Can you reverse PCOS?

What is PCOS?

PCOS stands for (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and is a condition whereby the ovaries manifest large amounts of androgens which is a human male hormone.

These are always present in women but in minute amounts. small sacks that are filled with fluids and are formed on the ovaries are called PCOS. This male hormone can cause women to skip their menstrual cycle and makes it quite difficult to conceive.

PCOS can also cause facial hair growth.

30% of women in the age range of 16 to 45 suffer from PCOS this condition in women is rarely noticed.

A study done showed that 70% of women living with this condition didn’t even recognize it.

The ovary releases a mature egg and this egg needs to be fertilized by the male sperm the process is called ovulation.

There are two hormones that control ovulation.

FSH – (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)

This hormone stimulates the ovary and it produces a follicle a sort of sack that contains an egg.

LH – (Luteinizing Hormone) 

This triggers the ovary to release the mature egg.

There are a group of symptoms that can affect the ovaries 

Let’s look at the abbreviation of the word PCOS 

P – in the abbreviation stands for Polycystic which means (Many Cysts) these cysts are actually sacks which never made it to maturity and did not trigger the ovulation period.

The androgen levels in women with PCOS are very high and this can cause women to have much less. periods than normal.

Antonio Vallisneri Was the first man that noted this condition way back in 1721

image 4

The causes of PCOS

Medical practitioners are still not sure what causes the condition but many speculate that it must be the high levels of the male hormone.

This hormone prevents the ovaries from releasing the egg.

Genes can also have an effect studies show that this condition runs in a family and there are a few genes that contribute not just one.

One study shows that there is a high occurrence of this condition in women with insulin resistance.

70% insulin resistance just means that the cells can’t use insulin properly to help the body produce energy from sugar.

The pancreas produces insulin.

When the cells can’t make use of insulin in an adequate way the demand on the body increases the pancreas goes into overdrive and produces more insulin to stabilize the cells in that response to the insulin triggers the release of more male hormones.

What are the symptoms of PCOS

  • Oily skin and Acne.
  • More than 68% of women have excessive hair growth on their face and body this excessive hair growth is called hirsutism. 
  • Skin tags are small excess pieces of skin normally forming in the Armpits or on the back of the neck even under the breast area as well.
  • Dark skin patches on the back of the neck.
  • No constant periods ovulation won’t occur every month women with PCOS have less than eight periods a year.
  • 79% of women that suffer from the PCOS condition are obese or overweight we also know that obesity is a huge cost of insulin resistance and this can increase your chances of type 2 diabetes.
  • Boldness they get thinner until it falls out.
  • In some women, headaches were noted.

What are the first signs of PCOS

  1. The first sign would probably be that you have missed your period.
  2. If you are struggling to get pregnant one of the causes can possibly be PCOS.
  3. For unknown reasons, there are excessive hair growth on your body and face.
  4. You started to gain weight.
  5. You have oily skin or acne.

Remember always speak to your GP if you think that you may suffer from the condition PCOS.

What is the effect of PCOS on your body!

Sleep Apnea

This is the condition which takes place when you sleep and for unknown reasons stop breathing.

This causes interrupted sleep cycle and it is mostly diagnosed in women who are overweight.

If you have weight issues and PCOS you have 10 times more of a risk to develop sleep apnea research shows.



About 75% of PCOS in women are females that’s obese and this can lead to all sorts of problems like high blood sugar, cholesterol in unison’s all these symptoms can lead to heart attacks and severe stroke.


image 1

To get pregnant you will have to ovulate when this doesn’t happen the little number of eggs that are released are not fertilized.

The major cause of women struggling to get pregnant is a condition called PCOS.

Endometrial Cancer

Some woman has a light flow while other women have a heavy flow.

When on their menstruation cycle this is because the uterine lining doesn’t shed (light flow) and builds up until the day that it sheds completely (heavy flow) also the thickened uterine lining can increase your risk of endometrial cancer. 

Negative emotions

Hormonal imbalances and excessive hair growth in the face and body can have a negative impact on women especially in the teen years this can have a huge impact on their social life and lead to depression and anxiety.

The diagnosis of PCOS

There are normally three symptoms to consider before doctors diagnose someone with PCOS.

When a patient has two or more of these symptoms the diagnosis will be made let’s quickly glance over that three symptoms

Cysts on Ovaries

The menstrual cycle is out-of-sync.

Levels of androgen are extremely high.

The medical practitioner’s questions to the patient would be?

image 2
  • Acne.
  • Hair growth on face and body.
  • Weight gain.

A doctor can also do a pelvic exam whereby he inserts gloved fingers inside the vagina to check for growth in the ovaries.

Blood tests 

Blood tests can be done to check for any imbalances in hormonal levels and for the levels of male hormones in your body.

Pregnant with PCOS

The menstrual cycle in women with PCOS is interrupted and this can make it very difficult to get pregnant the percentage of women that struggle to get pregnant is excessively high coming in at 80%.

Living with PCOS

Not only is it a struggle with PCOS because of excessive hair growth in the face and body but also living with this condition can be quite grueling.

Luckily there are steps that one can take to make the appearance of this condition less-known cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal or electrolysis will help you look and feel better about your appearance. 

Talk to your healthcare provider about these options.

Lifestyle tips on PCOS

image 6

The big one that all women that have PCOS can start with is.

Diet and weight loss losing only 11% of your body weight can help to jump-start your menstrual cycle it can help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Some diets may have advantages over others when it comes to weight loss but all diet will help with the PCOS condition in the end.

A study of the PCOS diet found that low-carb diets are effective for both weight loss and lowering insulin levels studies have also shown that women with PCOS can reduce this condition by exercising regularly two to three times a week for approximately 30 minutes.

Studies have also been done on Eastern traditional medication and found that acupuncture can be a form of relief from the condition but further studies are necessary before any conclusions can be made.

Medical treatments when it comes to PCOS


This is a drug that is given to patients that have type 2 diabetes and has shown to help with insulin levels and therefore can help women that suffer from PCOS condition.

Medical Surgery

Electrolysis or laser hair removal can help to get rid of hair on the face and body there’s a drug called eflornithine a cream base and you can only get hold off with a prescription this cream slows hair growth.

Ovarian Drilling

This method is used to make small holes with a warm needle or surgical laser in the ovary and can restore normal ovulation periods.

Twins Drug

There is a drug out there called clomiphene this drug is used by women for fertility purposes and for women with PCOS.

The downside to this drug is that the percentage of conceiving twins or multiple births is extremely high.

Estrogen Hormone

Taking these hormones daily can restore a normal balance these birth control pills come in all different types of forms like patch, or vaginal ring.

Make an appointment with a medical practitioner if you think you have one or more of the following.

  • Excessive thirst and hunger are symptoms of diabetes patients but can also be PCOS.
  • You are pregnancy hasn’t gone to plan for instance you try to get pregnant for more than a year but nothing happens.
  • You have excessive hair growth on face and body.
  • You are missing menstrual Cycles but you are not pregnant.

Myths you may have heard about PCOS

When it comes to PCOS it is quite easy to jump the gun there are a lot of misconceptions about PCOS and women that self-diagnose so a new study has been done with 36 doctors including gynecologists and endocrinologists.

Facial Hair – a lot of women with different ethnic backgrounds have different facial hairs.

Acne – one study found that 45% of women have clinical acne in the years from 19 to 29 and 25% of women from 29 to 39 years and 12% of women from 39 to 49 years.

PCOS causes weight gain with more women likely to be overweight the relationship between weight gain and PCOS are still unknown further studies are necessary.

Unusual Symptoms of PCOS

image 5

Scalp hair loss

As the hair on the body and in the face increased it can also lead to male pattern baldness this is caused by the excessive androgen hormone or male hormones.

Stretch Marks 

You are not pregnant but noticing stretch marks.

The fat is stored underneath the skin at a rapid rate to fast for the skin elasticity to adapt causing stretch marks this can also be a PCOS symptoms.


Fatigue is another leading PCOS symptoms if you notice that you want to sleep more especially after lunch PCOS can be the culprit

Swelling in the Feet.

Fluid retention is another major cause of PCOS condition and bloating and swelling were reported in women.

What food should you avoid on PCOS!

Try to avoid these foods if possible.

  • Sodas or juice contain a lot of sugar.
  • Starch veggies like peas, corn, potatoes.
  • White bread, pasta, and bagels.
  • White rice, and flour.
  • Fritos, potato chips, candies, and cakes.
  • High amounts of sodium like salt.

What can I eat on PCOS

  • Unprocessed foods, and foods that are high in fiber. 
  • Tuna mackerel are all healthy
  • Pine nuts walnuts pistachios and almonds
  • Dark chocolate but remember to keep it in check.
  • Turmeric and cinnamon are also good spices.
  • Leafy greens like spinach.

Final Thoughts

Although the PCOS condition happens to one in every five Australians and about 20% of women worldwide.

It is a condition that is still in its early phases and more studies are necessary.

The biggest problem with PCOS is self-diagnosis so remember to evaluate at least two of the three symptoms of PCOS before self-diagnosis.

 Always consult a Healthcare practitioner before coming to any conclusion exercise and the right diet especially a low-carb diet can have a big impact on women with PCOS.

Let me know in the comments below if you have PCOS is there any condition that I may have skipped past or do you have anything you want to add to this article let us know. 


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