5 Ways to Use Crystals in Your Daily Life

Crystals for meditation

Today I’m sharing, with you, five ways that you can incorporate crystals into your daily life. This is the third blogpost in my crystals series. Today I’m talking about how you can incorporate crystals into your everyday life. The first post I talked about is how you can choose your first stone, and in the second post, I spoke of one stone that everyone needs in their crystal collection.

There are tons of ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life. I cannot even go over all of the methods, but I want to make this simple and easy for you guys who are just starting to work of crystals, and you don’t even really know what to do with them! “What do you do with this? I don’t even know.

Wear the Crystals

The number one way that I love to incorporate crystals into my daily life is to wear them. I have several bracelets like this with different stones. This is an excellent way to keep your energy balanced.
If you want to focus on your heart chakra, you could wear a bracelet that has green crystals. If you’re going to stay peaceful and calm, you could wear an amethyst bracelet like this. When I got this bracelet, I also got this necklace because they didn’t have anymore, and I wanted more than one of these.
So, I was like well I could make another bracelet… even though it’s not going to look as good because it doesn’t fit properly, but I was like well I could make another bracelet, or you could wear it as a necklace.


This is more of a casual and hippie way to wear crystals and stones. I also have this cool labradorite. this one is a little bit fancier. You can dress this up. It’s still a little hippie-ish, but this is a labradorite stone, and labradorite has a lot to do with magical powers, working with magic, creating magic in your own life, connecting to your magical essence.

This has different labradorite stones down here, and here, so it’s a great way to incorporate crystals but not look, like you, know a crunchy vegan like me. And then this is kind of like a protection necklace.
It is an obsidian Buddha head. You could wear a necklace like this if you have on more of a casual outfit, and you want to be in that protection energy. You are warding off any negative energy. So, I think this is a cool way to do it as well.
So, I’m just showing you these different variations to know that you don’t always have to look like a crunchy, hippy vegan to wear crystals and stones. They can be quite glamorous. This is more of a corporate type of necklace, I would say.

You could wear this to the office. You could wear this to any setting. This is a sodalite stone, so it’s excellent for the throat chakra, but you see, the design is straightforward, and it’s on a gold chain so you can get away with this, and no one would even know you’re wearing a crystal or stone.
And lastly, if you want to carry a few different small stones with you. Let’s say you’re working with some specific energy and have a few rocks you want to take. You can get a little carrying purse like this on a necklace.
It’s a little pouch, and you can put different stones inside and carry them with you throughout the day. You can have your small talisman on, or you can put this in your purse kind of like a mojo bag or a juju bag for a good look or protection or whatever.

Mala Beads

mala beads

The second way you can incorporate crystals and stones into your daily life and practice is through mala beads. A mala is a necklace or chain of beads that most people use for chanting.
It usually has 108 beads, sometimes less depending on how many chants you want to do. But the traditional amount is 108. I made this one for myself, and I use specific stones. You can use this for meditation. You can use this for chanting.

If you have a particular chant, and you want to say it a specific amount of time. You know you started here, and you ended here. This is kind of like your marker to tell you that you’re done. It’s also just great for meditation to be holding something like this to keep you focused.



It’s sort of like a rosary in the Catholic world. The third way to incorporate crystals and stones into your daily life is through meditation. So you don’t have to have spheres like me, but basically, I love to meditate with spheres because they fill your palms, and you can rest your palms on your knees, and for me, it helps me stay focused.
But you can have a smaller stone. You can have a stone smaller than this as well. But you can place it in the palm of your hand while you’re meditating. If you want to meditate on a specific thing, for instance, this is fluorite. It’s good for concentration and focus.

So if you’re looking to bring our concentration into your life or your meditative practice, you can take a stone like this and meditate with it. But again, you can use any stone that you like, that you’re connected to you, and meditate with it.
Leave them out in your home or your space. This is selenite. I have talked about this in a previous post. But what you can do is lay this by your bedside, apply this by the table or chair when you’re meditating, and just being in the energy of stone will help resonate the properties that that stone has.
Specifically, if it’s a big stone like this, I mean, you can be far away from this stone and still get this stone’s vibrations. So if you place it next to you, this is a great way to incorporate it into your daily life.

Yoni Eggs For The Ladies Only

yoni eggs

The last one that I’m going to share today is for ladies only, and that is the use of yoni eggs. If you don’t know what a yoni is, This is not a practice for everyone. This is for the real ones who are crystal junkies and really in touch with their bodies because you have to insert it and have to get it out.
Usually, it will come out on its own, and most people who teach about yoni eggs will suggest that you allow the yoni egg to come out when it’s ready and when it’s done doing its work. But basically, the yoni is the womb, the sacred space, the creative space.

And from our creative space as women, we can cultivate and create magic. So, it is vital that our womb is healed and healthy and aligned with what we want to make in the world. So, if you’re having health issues in your womb space, there are specific stones that you can work with for healing, such as carnelian.
There are tons more. A lot of women start yoni egg practices with obsidian, black obsidian because it does help remove and absorb some of that negative energy that may be trapped in the womb from different toxic relationships you’ve had, maybe you had sexual abuse, but also just negative energy in your life because as women we do tend to trap and store that negative energy in our wombs.

That cuts us off from being able to create what we desire. So, yoni eggs can be helpful in that way. To help release some of the negative energy in the womb and add some of that positive, creative energy that aligns with what we want to create in the world.
This is an aventurine yoni egg. I mentioned in my first crystal post that aventurine is a stone about money and wealth, but it also works well with the heart chakra. So, this stone would be an excellent yoni egg if you want to create wealth and prosperity in your life if you’re starting a new project, and you want it to be successful financially for you.
Yoni eggs are yet another way that you can incorporate crystals and stones into your daily life. I could talk about yoni eggs a whole other post. If you would like for me to do a yoni egg post, definitely let me know.
I like to use these yoni egg stones to just put them in my boobs. This is another place we can carry crystals and stones, ladies. The egg is an excellent symbol of fertility and creation.
You can also make a necklace with an egg stone, and you can kind of wear it as a talisman daily. So you can make a necklace with this. You could also put this in that necklace talisman pouch that I showed earlier in this post


There are tons of ways that you can work on crystals and stones. Leave a comment below letting me know how you incorporate crystals and stones into your daily life, and I will see you guys in the next one! I guess you could also juggle with them, huh?


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