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So if you’re looking for a new band, this is definitely the post for you. Let’s get started, healthopolitan. Here this week I’m, going to be talking about wristbands for the Fitbit versa. I absolutely love the Fitbit Versa, and you all have read my post. I’ve done two of them. You can check this down here, right.

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When you read trough the post and don’t know what i am talking about you can always reference this picture above it will give a better understanding of the bands that we are reviewing.

It has been done so well. Obviously, we have come to love The Versa as my everyday watch for fitness and sending me my messages and SmartWatch that type of thing. Still, I find that the band that comes with it is okay, but I’ve broken it twice. So I wanted To get a bunch of bands, try them out and share my experiences with all of you on the different styles of bands, everything from a metal to an elastic bungee style, woven silicone whatever it may be.

I’ve got them here, and I can’t wait to share them with you if this is the first time on my website. Thanks for stopping by. as usual, the links to all the products I’m talking about are down in the description below. And I’ll name them.

They’re all different types. Let’s say that it’s the metal type or the woven fabric or the nylon or the silicone so that you can find it and then click on there and hop into Amazon. Fitbit does not make all the models I’ll be talking about.
There are third market ones that I just found on Amazon, so they’re pretty affordable. So it’s not bad. To get a handful of them as you. I can show you how I like to wear some when I dress up and then someone about in the wilderness, so there’s.
It’s kind of nice to have this variety of bands enough on that, let’s, get into it. Now the bands. I’m. Going to be talking about are all linked down below in the description, and they’re classified. However, I call them so.

Indeed, you have the original bands that come with the Fitbit. This is an aftermarket silicone. We’ve got this breathable nylon, stretchable kind, metal kind, aluminum type metal, and then this woven fabric, one too.
So we’re, going to go over one by one, the strengths, the weaknesses I’ve, were each one for about a week or more. So I’ll tell you straight up what I think about them now. They all come in these simple type packages from Amazon because they’re just aftermarket ones.
They’re not Fitbit actuals, but they do fit. We got the Versa light here and the regular Versa right here, so there. All interchangeable should be interchangeable, with the Versa too, as well.

So if you’re looking for a new band, this is the post for you. Let’s, get started, let’s, get started with the actual original band, so In my year of having the Versa, I’ve broken two of these.
You can see where this one was broken right here tore off right there, and then I had another one that tore off right at the actual hole there, and you know Fitbit will replace these, but I want something that’s going to last a little longer, so the original is a great band.

It’s, soft it’s comfortable, but it doesn’t really wick away sweat. There are no grooves to get rid of work. You can see kind of my salt and grime that has a collected underneath it so that they can get kind of grody anywhere were mine in the shower and everything.
So now I’ve got the actual white one. This is the Fitbit original. That’s on here, and it’s been holding up. Okay, but again it’ll. It’ll break so so prominent place to start for a new band. Is this knockoff silicone style? I like this grey one, and one thing I do want to show you It’s got a more rigid plastic right here at the exact spot that It hooks into the watch, which is good because having that more rigid plastic is precisely like the original, which is nice because it’s not going to tear out there and then it has the quick releases built right into it.

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And this one functions the same as your original one, so you can check out the silicone that’s called the “silicone down” I haven’t had time to wear it for like a whole year to see if it would break, but if you want to replace one of the silicone ones for a pretty affordable price.
This is a good one to do it with. So all of these are silicone styles, so we’ll put them off to the side. I want to talk about these other unique styles that I have here and these.

Actually, on my wrist, I’ll talk about this one first. This is a woven fabric style Soft. I’ve turned to this one. I like it quite a bit because of how flexible and gentle it is, and honestly, this kind of, like the black, gray combo, with the light versus a light, is pretty kicking.
I like Tek, color a lot and the scheme, but this is an excellent band. I’m quite happy with it, and it’s. The one that I’ve turned to use most often recently. I use it in the shower, and it takes a little bit of time to dry.

I would say that it’s dry by an hour or two after being in the shower. So if you don’t like that kind of material on you that it will have to dry, then this probably isn’t the right one for you.
So, as you can see, it comes off, and it’s, got it’s, reinforced right here with sort of plastic underneath, so it holds the actual quick release in there and so that it doesn’t break Off at that point, and then you can slide it back on just like any other one, and it hooks on pretty easily that’s.
One thing with the silicones, you have to crank in here and push it in to make it actually work and fit in there, and that that can be kind of a pain. But this one real, smooth and easy hitting my buttons here.
Real smooth and easy goes on nicely. You can see that there’s some pull and wear right here, where it hooks, is getting a little warped and a little pulled out, and could I could see that becoming compromised after a while?

I’ve been using this for almost a month now, so I mean, that’s pretty quick for that to break down, but I love this one so much, so for the price.

I think it’s worth it. How comfortable it is now onto the metal style one now is really nice and looks great as a watch. Actually let me put it on one thing you want to do. You want to make sure that the shorter side of this one is at the top? I had to struggle with figuring out how to size this one up to fit just right? But I found out that if you put the longer on this site – and then this going to the top, it’ll fit a lot better around your wrist.
I will show you that in just a minute when I get this all put together all right, so now, as you can see, this one is a charming look. I got it because I wanted to look a little bit nicer at work when I had to dress up, and I liked it.

It doesn’t jingle around too much, which is pretty nice, but, as I said, you put the shorter end over here and the longer end over here, because it folds on itself. This is kind of hard to show it folds on itself.
Coming back. This way, you want the longer end over here, so it took a while they bring you like a toolset and everything to get this apart and everything to make it fit just right. It’s, very cool if you like that feeling where you got a heavy watch, and it feels substantial on your wrist, and you know it’s there.
This is an excellent wrist fitting. It’s Awesome. I use this one for a man for almost three months, and you can see here from rubbing on desks and different things that the paint has rubbed away, but I liked it. I wore it in the shower, and dries out right away.
It doesn’t get all rusted or anything like that, so this metal style is a great option. Suppose you want kind of a more of a classy or nice watch. Look at it, and I still go back to this from time to time. It’s a pretty nice last one.

Is this nylon woven style one now? This is one that I think if you’re athletic. This is worth looking at. I love this one. It’s great. It does get wet. It’s like an I bought nylon, woven it’s like stretchable, so it has a little flex to it.
So you can tighten this on your wrist, and it’s a pretty neat design. I love it quite a bit, I want to have a little more movement on the wristband and not have to change it out all the time, but I use this for two weeks now.

This one also held the water for about an hour after showering, so it takes a little bit to dry, but not a big deal.

Only these velcro pieces that hook fold back on itself and connect it. This is great if you like that kind of, like Bungy wristband kind of feel, to a watch, because it feels like it’s there.
This is awesome, for, if you’re a runner, this thing’s not going anywhere. If you want to turn it and see your time and do all those types of things, this is an excellent wristband, and it just will fit anybody.

As you can see, I have kind of a medium wrist. I would say some guys have bigger wrists. I have like this, and then you have maybe a lady’s wrist between it, so you can still go quite a bit around here to tighten it.

This one does come in quite a bit of colorway. So you can check that out in the description down below. This is the soft nylon breathable style. It is breathable, but know that when you shower in it or swimming or whatever it’s, going to be wet for just a little while, And since it’s double-backed on itself, it’s even going to be wetter in this area. Still, I’ve, really, never noticed it get my cuff damp or anything like that. Nevertheless, you can tell that that is Just on there and pretty sweet now


Of course, there’s the metal one. Then this one is the soft nylon, breathable the stretchy style, and then the woven fabric. Of course, the silicone is the standard knockoff style, one that you can get from there. Now there’s a host of other types of bands that you can get out there, but these are the ones that I’ve zeroed in on, and I change around, and it’s nice actually to have a band to change for your Fitbit.
I hope this post was beneficial for you when picking out a band for your verse, til next time.


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