11 Best Infrared Heating Pads You Wish You Had!

infrared heating pad

In this review, you are going to find 10 plus 1 honorable mention of infrared heating pads. We think this will suit every need so if it’s any kind of pain you are experiencing at the moment this is going to help you on the right path to recovery.

FSA or HSA Eligible

Some of these products will state that it’s FSA or HSA eligible, which means On Amazon, these items can be purchased with most FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). If you have a card, you can add it to checkout.

Tomarion 2 Infrared Heating Pad – Best Overall

Tomarion 2 Infrared Heating Pad

This is an excellent product if you are experiencing pain in the Abdomen, Shoulders, or joints, and muscles.

Very useful for heat-related treatments like arthritis, cramps, and any other discomfort you may experience. The heating pad emits far-infrared rays that penetrate deep into muscle tissue for quick and effective relief

The infrared heating pad can help reduce the effects of Inflammation as well.

Like most to all heating pads, we reviewed the tomarion also emits negative ions, which scientists know helps with blood oxygenation, which gives the body more energy and helps the brain with symptoms like brain fogginess.

This is also a cordless device you plug it into the wall socket let it charge when charging is complete you can remove it from the station and its then a carry on you can use either as a bag or as a belt.

There are no EMF as the when removed from docking station there are no batteries 

When charging the tomarion 2 for only 6 minutes, the device can emit infrared rays for approximately 2 hours, this is incredible.

The Tomarion 2 Infrared Heating Pad is an FDA approved health device plus it’s registered in the USA.

Accessories include are

Tomarion 2 Pocket

Tomarion 2 Outer Pocket,

Tomarion 2 Belt, Timer Controller, 

Tomarion 2 Heating Dock.

Product Features

Weight 6.7 pounds

Fits Nicely around the waist area

The small compact will do well as a travel companion

Emits negative ions 

Only 6 minutes charging time


Its states that the device only needs 6 minutes to charge and then can emit 2 hours of infrared rays and heat 

Its lightweight compared to other products of the same heating pads

It has 2 different ways of operation either as a belt or bag


I believe the product is more suited for females, but men can use it.

This is just one of those products that we couldn’t find much fault although I firmly believe that this is a product made for a woman they never state that and it can be used by men as well it has all the features that you can find in an infrared heating pad and the charging time is above and beyond the rest

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad – Best Buy

image 17

The UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad comes with 108 natural far jade and 42 tourmaline stones; these natural stones emit far more negative ions than that of the pure jade pad meaning much more therapeutic benefits.

These stones are compacted much denser so that there is a more significant surface area for emitting negative ions. These stones warm up much faster than others giving pain relief much quicker.

Flexibility is one of the best they have produced so far, packing more stones in a smaller area while leaving the same flexibility now you can use it on your hip stomach back, actually any place that needs heat.

The smart controller comes with a fifteen-minute increment and ranges from 0 to 240 minutes. What we liked about the UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad is its ability to store your favorite temperature setting for as long as you used this device. Temperature ranges from 103 degrees Fahrenheit to 159 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can increase this setting by 1 degree each time.

This heating pad is ideal for home and office use and works on all joints, including shoulders back neck and much more.

The UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad is FDA registered and tested under the GMP quality control standard.

The surface area is approximately 21 inches by 31 inches and delivers 150-watt output energy.

Product Features

Pad Size: 21 X 31 inches

The heating area with stone covered 14 X 27 inches

Weight of Pad 6 pounds

Power: AC110 -120, 60Hz, 150 Watts

Pad Material: Soft PU leather, non-toxic cotton, 108 Individual Natural Jade Stones and 42 Individual tourmaline Stones

Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes

The following is a suggestion based on the applied heat temperature.

Warm-temperature range 103°F-109°F for overnight using

Low-temperature range 110°F-119°F for 3-4h sessions

Medium-temperature range 120°F -129°F for 2-3h sessions

Medium-High-temperature range 130°F -139°F for 1-2h sessions

High-temperature range 140°F-149°F for 30-60 minute sessions

Very-High-temperature range 150°F -159°F for 30-minute sessions


Packs more stones in a surface area than any other

flexibility is much improved and can be rolled up

Comes with 150 mixed stones that emit more ions

1 full year of warranty on pad and accessories


Is a bit bulky and on the heavy side

This UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad is our overall winner in the 11 best heating pads, and we think that the comparison between the purchase price and what you are getting is very fair. 

UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade heating pad – Best Under $150

image 18

Versatility is the key with the UTK Far natural infrared heating pad is quite big it can be used on the entire body for treatment of sore muscle in the back abdomen or shoulders the infrared heat that the natural jade provides helps for deeper penetration of muscle tissue as well as long-lasting pain relief.

The natural jade stones help to emit negative ions, which have a lot of therapeutic effects on the human body, including natural blood flow. The UTK admits meager amounts of EMF and when through the FDA audit before being approved.

It includes a memory function smart controller which can switch off the device automatically when not in use; it can also adjust the heat to your favorite settings and then remember it.

The UTK is quite a soft padding that can flex right around the whole body, and the pad also works by laying or sitting on it.

What’s impressive about this product was the Valco strap, which keeps the infrared heating pad in place for the duration of your session, no struggling with a loose shoulder strap, or falling off the waist.

Product Features

Pad Size  23.5 X 16 inches

Power  AC110 – 120 60Hz  75 Watts

Pad Material: Soft PU leather non-toxic cotton 52 Individual Natural Jade Stones and 20 Individual tourmaline Stones

Auto Shut-Off Time 240 minutes

The following is a suggestion based on the applied heat temperature.

Warm-temperature range 103°F – 109°F for overnight using

Low-temperature range 110°F – 119°F for 3-4h sessions

Medium-temperature range 120°F – 129°F for 2-3h session

Medium-High-temperature range 130°F – 139°F for 1-2h session

High-temperature range 140°F – 149°F for 30-60 minute session

Very-High-temperature range 150°F – 159°F for a 30-minute session


Versatile Size perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen

The smart digital controller adjusts heat to your comfort level.

The smart digital controller adjusts time settings

Memory Function: remembers your favorite heat and time settings.

Auto Shut-Off: it conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.

Extra-Long Cord: Makes it much easier  to use from the comfort of your home or chair

 Travel Bag: Helps with keeping Keeps the heating pad protected between uses.


A bit bulky and would be a struggle to use as a travel companion.

Also a little bit on the heavy side.

For the best under $150, we think the UTK Far Infrared Natural Jade heating pad delivered and is reasonably price I won’t suggest buying it if you like to travel, but like most jade stones, it is a little bit on the heavy side. If you used it only at home, this would make for some great relaxing.

UTK Jade Back Far Infrared Heating Pad – The Best Under $100

image 19

The jade infrared heating pad uses carbon fiber and emits infrared rays penetrating deep inside muscle and bone for relaxing and pain-free days. The deep tissue in the body receives these harmful ion rays, which help relax and rejuvenate the body leaving it refreshed and stress-free.

Say bye to spasm joint and muscle pain.

When heated up, the UTK Jade Back Far, Infrared Heating Pad releases much more negative ions than usual, which helps penetrate the skin and helps heal it from the inside out. The negative ions which are emitted are proven to help with oxygenation; this delivers more oxygen to the brain and helps to function better.

The heating pad comes in belt form, so no slipping off on any area you place it on. It is also EMF free, meaning it comes as DC power. 

It has a smart cord build in which features all controls, including auto switch off and remembering the temp for future use. 

So parts of the body are difficult to place these heating pads as it slips off or just too big, but the UTK is excellent for knee relaxation, stomach, and thigh pain the lightweight bands make for comfort as long as you wear it. The heating period is speedy and reaches temperatures of 159 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Features 

Product Size  7 × 48 inches.

Heating area  7 × 7 inches.

Heating Power  30 Watts.

Belt Material  Soft leather on both sides plus non-toxic cotton.

I am getting 20 individual jade stones.

The following is a suggestion based on the applied heat temperature.

Warm-temperature range 103°F – 109°F for overnight using

Low-temperature range 110°F – 119°F for 3-4h sessions

Medium-temperature range 120°F – 129°F  for 2-3h sessions

Medium-High-temperature range (130°F – 139°F for 1-2h sessions

High-temperature range 140°F-149°F for 30-60 minute sessions

Very-High-temperature range 150°F -159°F for 30-minute sessions


Heat is generated very fast

Pad is in the form of a belt which helps that it doesn’t slip 

It is EMF free and works on DC 


It’s isn’t portable and don’t have any function for batteries

Quite a few features are missing but are an excellent entry-level infrared heating pad 

Doesn’t get as hot as other devices

My overall experience was that this is an excellent entry-level heating pad, and it can work wonders on places like knees and so on, but its quite small and not portable at all.

Skygenius Electric Far Infrared Heating Pad – Best Moneysaver

5 3

The technology inside the skygenius heating pad is much more than when you see it for the first time. Regular heating pads have jade stones, which, when heated, emits negative ions because the skygenius has innovative technology called graphene heating materials.

The graphene is a film element that emits infrared rays and heat; this makes the pad much more comfortable and light. 

The graphene was invented by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov in 2010 it is the thinnest and most durable material known to man that can conduct heat.

It also comes with a 10 volt DC which makes it much safer than alternating current

It has 3 different temperature settings and can switch off automatically

The heating pad comes in a full body layout, and it’s also completely safe to lay on

Product Features

4pcs Graphene heating film

12 x 24 inches

Temperature range: High 149℉, Middle 131℉, Low 113℉

Coat material: Crystal super soft cloth

Inner cover material cotton

Technical principle: The graphene heating film produces far infrared waves

Power adapter: DC10V, 3A

Length of power cord: 2.74m / 9ft

Auto-off: 1 hour 


Lightweight because of the graphene material

EMV free because of the 10 volts DC standard pads are 110 v

Very compact and portable

Extra-long 10-volt cable


It was challenging to find something that I did not like about this heating pad I figured that the surface area could be a little bit bigger

My experience with the skygenius is quite good I love the new lightweight technology that’s fitted inside including a new film that they used, On the other hand, the heating area is quite small for me, but that’s just that I am quite big This will be a perfect fit for say those winter or rainy days.

UTK  Infrared Neck Heating Pad –  The Amazon’s Choice

2 5

The neck heating pad has an inbuilt high-quality carbon fiber heating element. This will increase the circulation and oxygen to the brain, letting you feel more relaxed. Although this Utk is a neck brace and that is the function, you can probably use it on other parts of your body as well.

8 jade stones are targeting the area around the neck and deliver a whopping 159 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your neck stress free and deeply relaxed.

Like all other infrared heating pads, it delivers more negative ions than standard heating pads.

The heating pad is 26 inches long, so as we said, it’s not only made for the neck but can be used in other places. It comes to DC, which means it is EMF free. 

The pad has its unique design not seen in other products of the same sort. 

Product Features

Product Size: 26″ × 4.3″.

Heating Power: 7 Watts

Belt Material: Soft leather on both each side 

8 Individual Jade Stones that conduct heat evenly

The following is a suggestion based on the applied heat temperature.

Low–temperature range 110°F~120°F

Medium–temperature range 125°F ~135°F

High–temperature range 145°F~155°F


The design of the neck heating pad is unique.

Features 8 jade stones that conduct heat evenly.

Nic comfortable fit with soft leather padding.

Easy to carry and will make a great travel buddy.

Long straps for any body part.


I had an issue with the strap that didn’t want to fasten I believe it’s the velcro, but for me, it’s overall a right product

As with some products you love it or either not that much with this product it was quite challenging to get a verdict, in the end, I would buy it if I needed some TLC in the neck area the straps are quite long as is the power cord which is all an excellent thing.

XUYU Far Infrared Heating Pad – The New Arrival

image 20

With most infrared heating pads there are two stones involve that is the driving force for these profoundly relaxing and pain-relieving methods, and with the XUYU it works the same jade and tourmaline stones are use they conduct the infrared wave that penetrates the deep muscle tissue and helps with tension and sore, aching muscles.

It has a No EMF wave and is very safe to use and comes with an auto shut off sequence for when it is left unattended. It uses DC. 

It is said that the negative ions which are generated by these heating pads can penetrate 8 inches into the muscle to relieve much-needed tension and pain.

Lets you select precise heat settings and remember is for future easy reference

When the infrared heating pad is rolled up, it only consists of 17.5 inches long and 5 inches wide


Will make a great travel buddy 

It’s dc powered, so that’s a big yes from me

Same as all other heating pads got a long cord.


For me, it felt that the jade stones were a little bit far apart, but you can get used to it.

Healthyline radiant infrared heating pad – Best for flexibility

image 21

Find relief from your sore muscle and pains in as little as a few minutes a day. Regular use brings better overall pain relief on a day to day basis. It has shown that with daily use, it can cure some joint and muscle pains over some time.

The wave that penetrates the body goes about 6 inches on this product other benefits that the healthline heating pad claims are that the pad produces negative ions which help to better your lung function and can cure insomnia.

It has a one year warranty on the product but what’s careful about healthyline is that they do accept the old ones back when you wish to upgrade in the future.

Product Features

Product Dimensions: 32 x 1.2 x 20 inches

Weight  6 pounds

Natural Jade and Tourmaline Stones

Time and Temperature settings

12-hour auto shut off 

EMF Protection  system and extra EMF-blocking layers

Voltage 110-120V 100W


Healthyline is a company based in the US, so they are FSA approved

Get 3 for 1 therapy including heat, hot stones, and negative ions

Used it anyway you want sitting laying down or even against the wall


We checked the EMF levels, and it was giving off signals well, like all other wall plugs that give off EMV. This is the same.

Well, I must say that this was giving off much heat. It was feeling much hotter than other pads we have tried—also, a reasonable price for a product that passed high expectations.

Utaxo Heating Pad – Best under $50

image 22

The Utaxo pad outer layer is made out of very strong and waterproof microfibers, which makes it a good contender for wet and dry heat therapy. 

It has six different temperature settings and heats up quite fast, keeping this temperature always. The mat is machine washable friendly. 

It comes in an extra-large size that’s very comfortable. You can sit it or lay down. It has an automatic switch off and can also be folded to meet the needs. It comes with a 24 volts 3A power source, which is very safe for everyday use.

Product Features 

The material is 100% polyester on both sides.

Heating Pad Size: 33 x 17 inches

It comes in one color Dark Blue

Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz, Max 120W

Power Cord Length: 9.18 feet

Inside the box

1 x Electric Heating Pad

1 x Controller with power cord

1 x Instruction


The power cord is more than 9 feet long which makes it great to use anywhere

It has microfiber weaved in that makes it waterproof

Quite a big heating area for these types of mats

Price is very affordable 

Heats up very fast

Is machine washable


I saw that the instructions said do not lay on the device.

It does not stay on passed 2 hours but you can quickly continue heating with a press of a button Overall great product and reasonable price.

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad with PEMF – The High Priced

5 5

The product claims to heal all sorts of pains and illnesses, as we see with all of the above-infrared heating pads. What this mat does compare to others is it releases a 7.8 Hz pulse, which claims that it can heal bone and damaged tissue its called Pemf.

The whole mat is made out of 21 different types of layers the top mat is infused with 13 lbs of crushed natural amethyst and 2 lbs of tourmaline gemstones these gemstones are believed to enhance negative ions which help the blood deliver more oxygen to the body organs.

The heating pad is also said to block electromagnetic waves which can damage the body

The product is FDA approved and registered in the United States.

Product Features

72.8 x 27.6 x 1.2 inches

Weight  26 pounds

Controller display time and temperature settings 

Three different settings for 3, 6 and 12-hour auto shut-off timer

Protection advanced filtration system and extra EMF blocking Layers Up to 21 functional layers 

Voltage 110-120 220W

Natural crushed stones amethyst tourmaline obsidian


The first Infrared heating pad that we see with PEMF pulse build in

Powerful layers consist of 21

Different kinds of gemstones than other products

Advance EMF blocking systems

Comes with a 365-day warranty


Will be out of a lot of average people price range

Take a little bit time to warm up around 20 minutes

Overall a perfect mat and one of the best we reviewed so far, unfortunately, it would be out of reach for people because of the price but if you have the money I would say go for it I saw one in our chiropractor’s office you can use those for $100 an hour.

Sunbeam Heating Pad – Most Popular Heat Pad

image 23

We like to mention the sunbeam pad because of the popularity of this device although it’s not an infrared heating pad and it doesn’t emit negative ions, it’s still a heating pad that can relieve sore muscles and pains.

It’s powered by 70 watts it has 4 personalized heat settings plus a two-hour shut off switch

This is also the most comfortable pad we saw and is machine washable. It has a 5-year limited warranty. It comes as a king-size heating pad, which is excellent.

Build-in ThermoFine technology in microfibers, which keeps the heat in for longer.

Product Features

Size 12  x 24 inches

Very light weighing 2 pounds

Adjustable temperature setting with 2 hours shut off.

Like we said we love this device although it doesn’t have all the features of the other products we can see why this one is a best seller.


Q – What is Infrared Heating?

This is a wavelength of light which is below what we as humans can see with our eyes

The most common far light comes from the sun. Think of it this way you are in the shade or inside the house when you step outside into sunlight you feel the warmth of the sun that is FAR infrared light

Q – Is there any benefit to Far infrared Light?

It has been scientifically proven that infrared light can help with the healing period of cuts, bruises, As well as helps with blood circulation.

Q – Are there any Side Effects of infrared light?

There are no known harmful or side effects from infrared light. 

Q – Negative Ions, what’s that?

Have you ever looked at a sunset or huge waterfall maybe after a big thunderstorm you feel a sense of awe this is negative ions released into air scientist believe there are vast beneficial problems that negative ions can help with 

Q – What can negative ions help me with? 

Reducing the risk of depression for some people

Has an activating influence on cognitive performance because of oxygenated blood to the brain

Promotes antimicrobial activity

Q – What does gemstones do in these mats


Amethyst is a purple stone used in medicine. It conducts negative ions .is known to have calming and stress-reducing effects that make it ideal for meditation and calming practices.


Tourmaline gemstone is known to help to relieve stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments.


The jet black color of obsidian is believed to draw all negativity to it, both physically and mentally, protecting the user from any harm. Obsidian is a potent support gemstone, amplifying the effects of other stones it is around.


Sweet, light, and nourishing energy that can help you feel much healing. It has a soothing effect on it, and it goes about purifying your energy field in a manner that is accepting, loving, and wise.

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I like writing it please feel free to leave a comment if you think there are better Infrared heating pad out there or if there’s one you wish us to review 

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