Foods you should avoid while trying to lose weight

10 Foods you should avoid while trying to lose weight!

Before we begin with 10 Foods you should avoid while trying to lose weight have a look at this post High Protein Diet For Weight loss

A study has shown that if you deprive yourself of something delicious is not healthy there is a 70% chance that you are likely to binge eat that product this means that you have craved the product so long that you decided to eat too much too fast and all your hard work is out the door. Check out this low carb diet

What we are saying is not depriving you of all the delicious foods and products but the big thing is you have to control your cravings small portions can go a long way. 138 massive list to lose weight

Before we begin you should know all processed foods are a no-go always fill your plate half with vegetables. So here we go foods that you should avoid when you are trying to lose weight let’s get it over with.

1.Candy Desserts Chocolate

Candy Desserts Chocolate

Ok, the list can end here we said it all. I am sorry to say but all sugary foods contains high carbohydrate “the bad ones” What happens if you eat chocolate it’s converted to sugars and sent into the bloodstream your body goes into shock from the Sugar Rush and produces insulin which then helps to absorb the sugar the problem with this is that you get low blood sugar and the craving for anything sweet starts all over again.

2.The Famous Potato Chip

The Famous Potato Chip
The Famous Potato Chip

Baked or roasted potatoes may contain cancer-causing substances eat them boiled or plain many fast-food joints cook their fries in a deep fryer the cooking mechanism adds ton loads of calories to the Fry’s in a Harvard study has shown that when you deep-fry potatoes a harmful chemical is released called acrylamide which can cause stomach fats and obesity

3.Party drinks (Booze)

Party drinks (Booze)

Short but sweet alcohol does not support weight loss! they contain calories that experts called empty calories these empty calories do not really fill you up it doesn’t provide any value and impairs your judgement making you want to eat stuff like pizza when you consume alcohol your body goes into extreme detox mode it fights alcohol as an invasive enemy and your liver works overtime to get rid of the alcohol your liver is so busy fighting off these alcohol inducing substances that it can’t use it’s time to burn the fat.

11 alcohol beverages with the most calories

Starting From The Least To The Most Calories

  • 1 Champagne 96 calories
  • 2 Vodka 96 calories
  • 3 Gin 96 calories
  • 4 Rum 97 calories
  • 5 Tequila 104 calories
  • 6 Scotch 105 calories
  • 7 Whiskey 105 calories
  • 8 Light beer 110 calories
  • 9 Brandy 115 calories
  • 10 Red wine 125 calories
  • 11 Beer 145 calories
  1. A regular 12 oz beer contains 150 calories
  2. A light 12 oz beer contains 100 calories
  3. A 5-ounce red wine 125 calories

The biggest winner in the alcohol department is beer with 150 calories all stomach related obesity in beer drinkers is associated with increased quantities of alcohol consumption.

4.Fast Foods Pizza

Fast Foods Pizza

Pizza that are made for commercial use are extremely unhealthy they are high in calories and contained processed and refined  sugars.

Processed foods

That is either

  • Canned
  • Smoked
  • Fermented
  • Dried

These are all meats that can be used in fast foods and especially pizza the healthier choice here would be salads lean meats fish grilled chicken.

5.Frozen Meals “let it go”

Frozen Meals "let it go"

To make the frozen food last longer manufacturers add high volumes of sodium. Sodium is a natural preservative and comes in the form of salt sodium also helps with water retention which can make you look fatter this is called bloating

6.White Pasta and Bread

White Pasta and Bread

These types of foods are high in calories and are usually made of refined wheat flour they also contain a lot of added sugars eating white bread can spike your blood sugar levels which means the GI ranking or (glycemic index)is very high it’s a way to rank food affecting blood glucose.

Foods with a high GI include bagels popcorn crackers there are healthy alternatives like Ezekiel bread.

7.High-fiber snacks granola bars

High-fiber snacks granola bars

Fiber is needed in the digestive tract to keep it healthy fiber is also the stuff that helps you feel Fuller for longer the daily recommended grams is 25

Fiber should be consumed throughout the day and not in one sitting granola bars are high in fiber and protein and can also be high in refined sugar swap the granola bar for some weight loss bars or a healthy alternative like

  • All kinds of nuts pecan nuts or almonds nuts
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Peanut butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs

8.Ice Cream This Delicious Dessert

Ice Cream This Delicious Dessert

Unfortunately, if you consume it in big quantities it’s high in sugar high in calories very little to no protein and fiber the best option to go about if you want to lose weight is to make your own ice cream using full-fat yogurt

Also what you can do is eat smaller portions every now and then will also make a big difference a frozen alternative would be to freeze the yogurt and fresh food put the mixture in any mold and enjoy

Here are the facts that you need to know about FATS

Most healthiest to most dangerous

  1. Omega-3 fats (wild salmon) 
  2. Monounsaturate fat (olive oil)
  3. Polyunsaturated fat (canola oil)
  4. Saturated fat (meat)
  5. Medium-chain triglycerides (palm oil)
  6. Omega 6 fatty acids (sunflower oil)
  7. Trans fat (margarine)



100% fruit juices are just another empty promise they are empty calories that will raise your blood sugar levels they are also highly processed and we know that process means stripping away of valuable nutrients whole fruit and juices are nothing alike

Juices are stripped of their fiber content and can’t make you feel Fuller in this case you will consume more juice raising your blood sugar.


Low-Fat Foods

A study done shows that people who think a product is low fat tend to eat more of that product it’s called overeating.

Value-Based pack

Studies have shown that people would eat cereals out of larger and bigger boxes tends to eat bigger portions the same goes for value packs smaller packaging means smaller portions.

10.Coffee Drinks

Coffee Drinks

The biggest substance in coffee is caffeine, caffeine can boost your metabolism and increase your fat-burning processes in the short-term.

High coffee drinks fall in the same category as sodas stick to plain black coffee it’s not as much the coffee but the sugars and coffee creamers in it.



Burgers this one is so special we had to create a place for it on our list.

Who doesn’t like a burger especially a fast-food burger right well it turns out they are high in fat and calories avoid foods that are fried and go for more alternative

You can also make the burger healthier by doing it at home grilled burgers in a pan with olive oil will help.

Honorable Mentions

  • Soya sauce high in sodium causes bloating.
  • Whole milk extra fat and cholesterol stick to skimmed.
  • Grapes high amounts of sugar.
  • Seasoning salt loaded with Sodium causes high blood pressure.


Hope you enjoyed the 10 Foods you should avoid while trying to lose weight Most foods that you have to stay away from are the delicious one’s fat give them flavor but it has a lot of refined sugars and highly processed meat. Loaded with unhealthy Pathogens always read the label


You’re serving size matters. Practice mindful eating follow a healthy eating plan.

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