85 Plus Ways To Lose Weight No Diet Required

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1 – Sugars and Starches

Reduce hunger levels which in turn makes you eat fewer calories when calories are burned-up your body uses fat stores for energy making you lose weight.

2 – Protein Sources

protein sources ribs

Eating fish, eggs, and meat is very important. It’s been proven that eating more proteins increases the metabolism to burn up to 100 calories per day.

3 – Low Carb Vegetables

Eating veggies like spinach tomatoes and broccoli is one of the best ways to lose weight. You can stuff your plate and you will never go over 50 net carbs.

4 – Eat Slowly

Eating slowly will activate hormones that make you feel fuller taking in fewer calories helps with weight loss.

5 – Calories

It sounds difficult but watching the calories you take in against the ones you burn will have immediate effects on your weight loss. There are simple apps that can help you with this.And it is one of the easiest ways to lose weight

6 – Salt

3 persons carrying salt

Sodium in salts is also a water retention mechanism meaning you retain more water weight inside your body


Fasting a period of time you do not eat most people fast for 24 hours and this is great for weight loss.

8 – Eat Fiber

Fiber moves very slowly through the digestive tract and cannot be absorbed by the stomach making you feel fuller for longer.

9 – Spicy Food

Spicy food has a hormone called capsaicin. It increases the body’s release of stress hormones such as adrenaline which in turn helps the body burn more calories.

10 – Midnight Snacking

If you go to bed in a sleep schedule there will be no waking up in the middle of the night feeling hungry midnight snacking can lead to lots of weight gain.

11 – Food Journal

writing in a food journal

There are a lot of studies showing people that write down what they eat are also more mindful of what they eat meaning lesser calories and more weight loss.

12 – Skipping Meals

Do not skip meals resisting the urge to skip meals studies show that you can actually double the calorie intake in the next meal you eat after skipping one.

13 – Water content

Food research shows fruits and veg with high water content like watermelon or cucumber has a diuretic effect which means it makes you feel fuller for longer.

14 – Potassium

It is a great substitute for sodium and lots of fruits contain this like oranges. Cauliflower is another great potassium bearer.

15 – Sweeteners

By avoiding sugars some people opt for sweeteners well this is a bad idea a recent study showed that using sweeteners can actually increase appetite and cravings for sweet foods.And this can increase weight loss.

16 – Medication

medication or prescribe pills

Specific or prescribe medication can have a significant influence on weight loss speak with your healthcare practitioner about medication and weight loss

17 – Sunlight 

Your body clock or circadian rhythm will appreciate getting more than 15 minutes sunlight every day

18 – Limited Exercise

3 hours before bedtime exercise will make you feel good afterward and will rattle you up even 7 hours afterward it would be very difficult going to sleep.

19 – Dairy Products and Nuts

Dairy products contain lactose which can slow down weight loss. And increase fat absorption.

20 – Supplements

If you don’t eat the right foods your body will let you know by making you feel hungry taking a vitamin and mineral supplement daily can help with weight loss.

21 – Eating Only When Hungry

We will always recommend only to eat when you are hungry eating anytime other than that will lead to more calorie intake and weight gain.

22 – Frying Dutchman 

Frying food loses moisture and retains fat. It’s better to either boil, grill, or roast your food.

23 – You want Mustard With That

mustard bottles

U can use mustard for anything that you want it’s great for subbing mayonnaise with mustard as it contains no calories or fat

24 – Bread 

Remove bread from your diet when you sit down at a restaurant let them remove the breadbasket from the table.

25 – Treat Yourself Tuesday 

By choosing a day in the week to treat yourself to any prize, either physical or emotional will let your body willingly want to reach that goal every time.

26 – The Guy From The TV 

Remember we are all unique while some diet may work for some guru on tv, it might not work for you.

27 – Eat Healthy Fat 

Not all fats are evil. You get healthy fats as well like extra virgin olive oils and avocado which is rich in trans fat all these are very healthy.

28 -Do Not Skip Breakfast 

The time of day you need all nutrients you can get skipping breakfast will leave u feeling sluggish and under the weather and you will snack more during the day.

29 – Food Labels

warning signs in food labels

Knowing how to read food labels will help you in choosing the right nutritional food to eat helping you feel more energetic.

30 – Raw and steamed

Eating vegetables raw or steamed will help preserve the nutrients inside do not deep-fried or bake veggies.

31 – Add Fruits To Low Sugar Meals

Add fruits like banana or blueberries your food will still taste sweet but with fewer calories and more nutrients.

32 – Snack On Healthy Foods

By snacking on raw carrots or nuts this will not only be low in calories but will also help with not feeling hungry all the time.

33 – Always Add More 

Adding more veggies to your main dish is always a good idea and this will help with getting all the nutrients and minerals the body needs.

34 – Add Soup 


This possibly falls in the snacking part but eating soup will help you feel fuller and eating less often which in turn helps with weight loss.

35 – Cook your own meals 

Cooking your own meals will help with portion size and the ingredients added which would be healthier than take-home food.

36 – Restaurant Food 

When eating at a restaurant go for the chicken or fish option and ask the waitress not to add any salt and to steam if possible you would be surprised how many people do this.

37 – Processed foods 

Stay away from processed food like deli meats, ham, and salami.

These are chemical-laden have too many types of fats and can be very addictive in the process of making processed food sodium are added as a preservative.Read this blogpost from https://www.eatthis.com/ 21 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Processed Food

38 – Gas forming foods 

Eating chewing gum will make you swallow more than normal every time you swallow there is air trapped inside your stomach making you feel bloated.

39 – Ditch Packaged Foods 

Untitled design

There are more salts and refined carbs in packaged foods then those that you make for yourself eat apples or almonds for snacks.

40 – Keep Meals Light 

This is where planning comes in. It takes one day to plan meals for 6 days. This will help with that midnight fridge raids and overeating.

41 – Losing Water Weight

When on some quick-fix diet normally losing weight fast tend to be misinterpreted it’s actually only water that you are losing not body weight.

42 – Store Healthy Foods Insight 

By storing healthy foods insight you are willing to grab these for snacking and keep fresh fruit on the counter and in cupboards nearby.

43 – Good For You Snacks 

If you crave sweetness, eat dates stuffed with almonds if its salt you crave then go for turkey jerky. Lisa Lillien  has a great website called Hungry girl where you can find a lot of really awesome stuff. A must-read is this one Smart Before-Bed Snacks

44 – Energy Breakfast 

energy breakfast

Find quick and easy ways to eat breakfast like making homemade breakfast energy bars.

45 – Too tired to cook 

Have a backup plan when the time comes when you can’t cook or just when you don’t want to stock your kitchen with healthy foods you can put together fast.

46 – Eating dinner for breakfast 

For one day a week change your dinner and breakfast around you will probably get more nutrients out of the dinner plate than the breakfast one.

47 – Choose Natural Carbs 

Eating natural carbs twice daily has shown to aid weight loss. Eat whole wheat bread or brown rice.

48 – Do Not Juice It 

drinking juice and cheering

Nutritionists prefer to eat their fruits and not juice. Studies show that there are more liquid calories in foods that are juiced.


49 – Stocking Junk Food

To avoid temptation do not stock junk food or sweets opt for healthy snacks instead.

50 – Planning

planning in advance

Try to plan your meals one week in advance. This will help with what to eat and will save you a lot of time.

51 – Pay Attention

Pay attention to what you are eating think of the smells and textures this will help your mind remember what healthy foods taste like.

52 – Mix It Up 

Eating out of the same plate every night may become boring by trying something new like eating with chopsticks or using the other hand will help you enjoy food more.

53 – Tv dinners 

When it comes to food your attention should be on that. Eating while watching tv can let your mind wander and this can lead to overeating. A study done by university students show that 85 percent of people eat in front of the TV on a daily basis.

54 – 20Minutes

Stop eating for 20 minutes before you think you are finished. This will allow your stomach to communicate with your brain to let it know you had enough.

55 – Refined Carbohydrates 

Replace refined carbs like pizza dough, pasta, with whole-grain counterparts is a much healthier option.

56 – Avoid Fructose 

Inside foods like muffins, and doughnuts, is an ingredient called fructose which will add fat to your stomach area.


57 – Grocery Shopping

woman standing beside pineapple fruits 2292919

It is better to do grocery shopping when you are full doing it on an empty stomach will make you buy on impulse which can lead to weight gain.

58 – It’s All In The List

Before grocery shopping prepare a list and stick to that list do not buy anything outside the list there is a reason you did not put it on the list.

59 – Get a Smartwatch


Not only can you track any metrics like steps taken and calories burned but it will keep you motivated as well.


60 – Walking 

Walking to places is much better for weight loss than driving walk more as studies show it’s better for heart health and blood circulation.

61 – Strolling

By pushing something while walking can double the calories burn try pushing a baby stroller for extra weight loss.

62 – Free Reps 

While you are cooking keep small weights in the kitchen you can always do a few reps while waiting for the water to boil.

63 – Rock Out With Your Jog Out 

ballarina dancing

Studies have shown that people listening to music while running or jogging will burn more calories than those that don’t.

64 – Running 

Not only is running good for weight loss but has other benefits as well like heart health and blood circulation.

65 – Lifting Weights 

Using weights or resistance bands is a great way to lose weight in a specific time period and creates lean muscle mass in the process.

66 – Resistance Bands 

This one falls under weight training but resistance bands are a great way to strengthen your core and a great way to lose weight.

67 – Working Out At The Office 

working out at office

Say you want to file some papers in a box.Try lifting the box a few times before filing the paper you can create your own workout routine around office equipment.

68 – Taking The Stairs 

A study done shows taking the stairs to your office every day is a great way to lose weight also good for your heart and blood circulation.

69 – Cardio 

Adding aerobic exercise to your daily routine will dramatically increase the weight your body loses over time cardio is one of the most important exercises you can do.Check out (Paige Waehner post on How Cardio Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight)

70 – Intensity Of Workouts 

You must always vary your intensity while working out. Cardio will burn calories upfront while lifting weights will burn calories long after your workout has finished.

70 – Get a Smartphone 

Not only can you track any metrics like steps taken and calories burned but it will keep you motivated as well.And you can always wire-less connect to your smartwatch for extra benefits

71 – Intense Training 

Rather than doing one intense workout, you can opt for three to four 10 minutes workouts throughout the day this will help with weight loss and just feeling better.

72 – Exercise You Hate 

Most people do not exercise because they hate it. Find some exercise that you love and stick to it this can help you to exercise more.

73 – Do The Things You Hate First 

While exercise doesn’t go well with everyone doing it bright and early in the morning will get it out of the way and you will feel much better and so it will become a habit.


74 – Sodas 

Bubbly carbonated drinks or sodas contain a lot of sugar which is bad for healthopolitan and drinking more sodas or juice will still make you feel hungry.

75 – Alcohol 

Alcohol slows down the metabolism in the body and the breakdown of fat in the body making it difficult to lose weight so stick to one glass a day or no alcohol

76 – Drink water

Studies have shown that drinking water before meals can help with weight loss of up to 44 percent in 3 months.

77 – Drink coffee or tea 

tea 1132529 1280

Caffeine in coffee or tea can help with an increase in metabolism up to 5 percent so feel free to drink some coffee.

78 – Avoid beer 


Same as alcohol sometimes referred to as liquid bread it shuts down the process of fat burning and leaving you feeling bloated.


79 – Hormone imbalances

Hormones can play a big part in losing weight so if you tried everything to lose weight speak to your medical practitioner about hormone deficiencies.

80 – Weight Loss Pills 

As a last resort weight loss pills can be considered but the effect will be minuscule and the only thing that is going to get thin is your wallet.

81 – Appetite Suppressants 

Not a good idea while you can still get these drugs in the US most are prohibited in the EU and only works in short term some of the risk outways the benefits.


82 – Sleep Schedule 

sleep schedule

This is the same as good night rest by setting a schedule your body will adapt to it and you will fall asleep much easier.

83 – Weigh Yourself 

Weighing yourself every day will keep you accountable studies shown people that weigh themselves are ones that reach their goal weight much easier.

84 – Stay Motivated 

By staying motivated you will keep on track with your weight loss goals try doing diets and exercise with family or friends this will help with motivation.

85 – Giveaway 

spa treatment

When it comes to the end of your party you can neatly decorative pack up your desserts and let your guest leave with it


86 – Just Imagine 

Studies show that when you imagine eating potato chips, for example, “half a bag of potato chips” when it really comes to eating the real chips you can’t eat as much.

87 – Little Bit Tight Around The Middle 

Studies show that wearing a slightly tightening belt around your middle when you eat at a restaurant will send stuffed signals from your stomach to your brain.

88 – The first order 

When you are eating at a restaurant be sure to order first as ordering, later on, does have an influence on your order.

89 -Get Fired Up 

Make a playlist of songs that you want to listen to at the gym combine the total time of all songs to let’s say 40 minutes and then exercise until the songs are finished.

90 – Consume Magnesium 

Magnesium helps to get rid of water weight in your body. This can make you look much leaner fast.

91 – Use the force 

use the force

There is a great difference between body hunger and mental hunger the one u should listen to is body hunger mental huger is like emotions or habits whereby body hunger is like bowel movements and stomach growls

92 – Sprinkle Edible Crystals Over Food 

Sprinkle crystals over food this can fool the mind in thinking you have eaten more.

93 – Mirrors In Dining Area 

A study done shows that eating a chocolate cake in a setting with mirrors did make the chocolate cake not that delicious according to the participants who ate it.

94 – Contrast Between colors 

A study shows that participants with lower contrast between plate and food ate 30 percent more than that of participants with higher contrast between plates and food.

95 – Let Someone Else Do The Work 

Although nobody can lose weight for you they can do all the work on planning, prepping and cleaning would make your weight loss efforts much easier.

96 – Make thicker smoothies 


When it comes to smoothies the thicker the better thicker smoothies will make you feel fuller even if it has fewer calories than normal shakes.

97 – Dark Room 

Studies show that the impact of light on your metabolism would give mix signals and this can fuel overeating, try to sleep in a dark room or use a mask.

98 – The Guy Next Door 

Studies show that it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl eating in front of a male will make you eat less.

99 – Hit the ATM

Before you go out this will make you more conscious about what you eat and the price involve paying with money you can feel rather than with your credit card.

100 – You’re In Hot Water 

Studies show that heating up your water before consumption will make you feel fuller.

101 – Smaller Plate 

smaller plates

Using smaller plates can actually help you eat less but I must say it takes a little time getting used to.

102 – Eat Only While The Sun Is Up

Studies show that eating between 12-hour shifts breakfast and dinner helps you burn more of your fat stores helping you lose weight.


103 – Weight Loss Gimmicks 

There are a lot of gimmicks out there so avoid the hype and just start with the small stuff like getting up and doing it.

104 – Don’t beat yourself up 

If you exercise and follow a healthy eating plan sometimes indulging in some delights is totally fine.

105 – Emotional Eating

We are all social beings and feeling bored or lonely will make you eat more we suggest visiting friends even over skype or family for that matter this will help with the weight loss journey.

106 – Support Groups 

Finding support groups will help you stay motivated and on track to reach your goals.

107 – Eat Early 

Studies show that adding more calories in the morning and lesser at night-time can drastically make you lose weight.

108 – Fast for 14 hours 

Try to eat your dinner early and then fast until the next morning. This is also a great way to give your digestive system a rest and can aid in weight loss.

109 – Rich like a buffet 


Like the billionaire warren buffet, the buffet table is also rich in calories and processed foods before taking a plate make sure that your plate is half full of vegetables.

110 – Steakout The House 

Before going to a restaurant go online and check out their menu this way you can see if there are any healthy options or what the calorie counts are

111- Side Hustle 

Always take your salad dressing on the side. Or just stick with vinegar and olive oil. This is a much healthier choice.

112 – Waiter is waiting 

Utilize the waiter when you are at a restaurant ask him to keep your water glass full and for any healthy options he may suggest

113 – Snack and pack 

Eating a snack before going to a dinner party will help you not to overeat.

114 – Uncle Ben’s chilies 

selective focus photography of bunch of chilies 1132600

At a party skip the foods that you can eat every day only eat the ones that are specifically made for the occasion like grandma potato salad.

115 – Keep Your Hands Busy 

If you eat out of boredom you have to take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy eating while bored will lead to weight gain.

116 – Good night sleep 

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can increase weight gain in humans so make sure you get enough sleep.

117 – Stress

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair 897817

When you feel stressed your body release cortisol a hormone that makes you feel hungry so managing stress can help with weight loss.

118 – Sex 

Although sex doesn’t count as cardio having more of it released a hormone called serotonin or the happy hormone which makes you feel good and it’s also a hunger reducing hormone.

119 – 20 Minutes Left When you crave something studies have shown that it takes about 20 minutes for that craving to pass so try to do something that will keep you busy for at least 20 minutes

120 – Ayyayaya cocoa Jambo ayyayai

When you want to treat yourself try 90 percent cocoa or dark chocolate this will help with cravings and lower blood pressure

121 – Eat Your Cravings 

Only the healthy ones for instance if you crave fries find out what’s the healthiest form is like baking potatoes for instance.

122 – Don’t Mess With the breath 

Studies have shown that when you get cravings try to brush your teeth or use mouthwash you won’t want to mess up that fresh breath.

123 – Stay Comfortable

Studies show that most people who give up on exercise don’t have the right equipment like running in the wrong running shoes.

124 – Reward At The End Of The Day 

Try to set small goals for yourself and if you achieve them received your reward but do not beat yourself up if you don’t reach it set new goals always in perspective.

125 – Slip and Learn Slips will happen just stay in the game if you had a slip just continue the day and the next day don’t even worry about it just continue.

126 – Nobody loves u 

Just remember that this is your own wellbeing and you alone can make changes to better your health. There are always friends and family that will support you but you have to lay the foundation yourself.

127 – Don’t Binge Watch 

Watching your tv shows while running on a treadmill is a great idea to catch up on entertainment and exercise at the same time.

128 – Take the dog for a walk 

dog walking

Not only will you get some exercise your 4 legged friend will also enjoy the outing.

129 – Lifestyle Choices 

When you decide to lose weight you have to commit to it not only is there no magic pill to take.Also, your lifestyle will have to change “step by step” by the way the first step u are already doing.

130 – Let everybody know 

By speaking about your weight loss let them know if you lost or gain weight by that you can see how someone will support you and who doesn’t this way you can only speak to those who motivate u

131 – Not Enough Calories 

Eating less or not enough can have a severe impact on your health. Try to keep your body mass index above 18.5 letting it go lower can cause diseases like osteoporosis.

132 – Bring your lunch to work 

By making your lunch at home and bringing it to work you know what you are getting this also helps not to grab something from the Kiosk that’s unhealthy.

133 – Mindless eating 

Only eating your dinner when you are seated at the dinner table eating anywhere else can lead to overeating.

134 – Food Positivity 

By thinking only about what you can’t eat will lead to food depression and the eating disorder think about why you can’t eat it why it’s bad and that you are making correct decisions Always be food happy

135 – Put A Coat On It

Tries to coat your food or cooking pan only with high-quality oils like extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil.

136 – Single Serving Containers 

By buying these containers you are more likely to not overeat, you will most likely know that you can store it and you can always eat the leftovers the next day.

137 – Buttering Everything 


It’s okay to use butter but if you can go without we suggest so rather let the toast cool off before applying your butter this will prevent too much absorption.

138 – Sugarless Gum 

Chew gum while cooking this will help u not to nibble on all the food that you are preparing


  • Don’t Mess With the breath
  • Eat Your Cravings 
  • Ayyayaya cocoa Jambo ayyayai
  • Keep Your Hands Busy 
  • Good night sleep 
  • Side Hustle 
  • Fast for 14 hours
  • Support Groups 
  • Eat Early 
  • Smaller Plate 
  • Hit the ATM
  • Eat Slowly
  • Losing Water Weight 
  • Keep Meals Light  
  • Sugarless Gum 
  • Mindless eating 
  • Don’t Binge Watch 
  • Stocking Junk Food
  • Not Enough Calories 
  • Lifestyle Choices 
  • Uncle Ben’s chilies 
  • Running 
  • Snack and pack 


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