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carnivore diet

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Not only will this article be about the carnivore diet shopping list it will also be about the diet as a whole. [1]

The word carnivore according to Wikipedia comes from Latin meaning meat-eater or devourer.[2]

If you haven’t guessed by now the basis of the carnivore diet is to eat only meat and animal proteins this means that the diet can get quite restricting and all other food sources are cut out.[3]

According to all the claims the carnivore diet has a lot of health benefits including regulation of blood sugars and weight loss.[4]

Although all the hype there is no research to back up the claims that the carnivore diet is one of the healthiest and can be very dangerous. In this detailed article, we will be going in complete detail discussing the dos and dont’s ins and outs of the carnivore diet.[5]

What is the carnivore diet?

Carnivore Diet Shopping List

The carnivore diet is a weight loss diet followed by humans and consists only of eating meat, fish, eggs and some dairy products.

It is said that the lifestyle we are living in the 21ste century with our high carbohydrate intake is to blame for all sorts of illness and disease when you are on the Carnivore diet all other foods are cut out like greens, nuts, fruits, grains, and legumes.

The diet comes from the belief that our ancestors were hunters and mostly ate meat and fish. We do have another article on the caveman diet 

What the carnivore diet is doing is eliminating carbs completely whereas other diets like a low carb diet or keto diet only restrict the carbs to some extent.

Follow the Carnivore Diet

meat patties on grill

Eliminate all other foods except Fish, Meat. eggs and low lactose dairy

Foods that you can eat on this diet include:

beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, organ meats, salmon, mackerel, white fish, and small amounts of cream and cheese. Butter, lard, and bone marrow are also allowed.

It is very important to eat the fatty meats like ribeye or ribs from pigs this will ensure that you receive all available energy levels when it comes to drinking the diet emphasis is place on bone broth and water the diet doesn’t want you to drink anything else like coffee alcohol or tea

There is no limit to when you must eat and the carnivore diet suggests this.

There are no nutritional guidelines to follow nor any calorie intakes including how many meals or snacks to consume daily

Carnivore diet and weight loss

carnivore diet shopping list

It is known that some diets like a high protein base or low carb-based diet can promote weight loss being on the carnivore diet which is high protein and zero carbs will definitely help you to lose weight this is because of the proteins inside meats that make you feel fuller for longer in this case you consume fewer calories and it’s the little bit less eating that inspires weight loss.

The prominent figure in the Carnivore diet 

Dr. Shawn Baker is the man behind the carnivore diet his mother was South African and his father was us military man Dr. Shawn Baker was an orthopedic surgeon who had his medical license revoked in 2017 but still has a huge social media following He goes by the name the “carnivore king” The new Mexico medical board reinstated his license in 2019

Baker is also a funny guy or “internet Troll” and like to poke fun at vegans and vegetarians

“Anecdotal evidence is still evidence and it is a hell of a lot more relevant to an individual than an epidemiological study.”

                                                —Shawn Baker[1]

Dr. Shawn also states that the carnivore diet can help with depression, anxiety, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, and more [6]

Benefits of the Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet Shopping List

Since the carnivore diet is a zero carbohydrate food source it excludes all sweet stuff like sodas cakes and candies and high carb foods that are similar to the above mentioned

In people with diabetes, it is a fact that they should stay away from all these high carb foods and for that reason, the carnivore diet may be beneficial in a short term way

Cons of the carnivore diet

Because of all the restrictions of the carnivore diet, there are a lot of downsides to this type of diets, for instance, eating only animal meats can have an impact on your cholesterol levels this is because of high levels of saturated fats although it’s not directly linked to heart disease it can still pose a problem

When it comes to those lovely bacon strips in your breakfast plate remember that these bacon strips plus all kinds of processed meats are high in sodium. Sodium will retain water and make you feel bloated consuming high amounts of sodium can increase your chances of high blood pressure, stroke and kidney diseases

Another problem posed by opposing fans is Fiber. Fiber is a non-digestible food source and it promotes healthy gut and bowel movements

Here is a list of foods that you have to avoid while on the carnivore diet

  • Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, green beans, peppers, etc.
  • Fruits: apples, berries, bananas, kiwi, oranges, etc.
  • High-lactose dairy: milk, yogurt, soft cheese, etc.
  • Legumes: beans, lentils, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, etc.
  • Grains: rice, wheat, bread, quinoa, pasta, etc.
  • Alcohol: beer, wine, liquor, etc.
  • Sugars: table sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, etc.
  • Beverages are other than water: soda, coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.

While there are different people incorporating these into there diet that is not the real carnivore diet.

Salt and pepper are accepted but most condiments, not most condiments are made of plant base and for that reason, it is prohibited.

How Do I Start A Carnivore Diet

 Carnivore Diet Shopping List

The best advice one can give is to always speak to your medical practitioner or nutritionist if you want to go on the carnivore diet.

Never plan ahead for to long best bet is to start with a 30-day diet and in these thirty days record everything how do you feel? Do you feel better than when you were on the regular diet always take before and after photos to see if any progress has been made?

Always keep a health journal and document everything you never know when you might need the data

When we say you can eat meat you are probably thinking only about the 3 main groups like beef chicken and pork but there are also other animals which fall into this category namely

  • Goat, Lamb, Duck
  • Fish, Oyster, Crab
  • Lobster, Squid, Shrimp

Some Mistakes People Make On the Carnivore Diet 

Just eating too little or no food people on the carnivore diet have stated that they are losing great amounts of weight but I must state that you have to eat when feeling hungry and cannot skip or just not eat at all

To avoid dehydration it is a necessity to drink lots of water some choose a stricter diet and just stay with water but others can drink coffee or tea just remember to stay hydrated

Carnivore Diet Shopping List

Topside of beef – the long, inner muscle of the cow’s thigh which makes for a lean cut, yet it’s more tender than silverside taken from the hindquarters

Ground beef –   Ground beef, minced beef or beef mince is beef that has been finely chopped with a knife or a meat grinder or mincing machine.

Ribeye steak – is a beef steak from the rib section. The rib section of beef spans from ribs six through twelve

Porterhouse steak – The T-bone and porterhouse are steaks of beef cut from the short loin.

Beef liver – The liver of a grass-fed cow is the healthiest choice

Bacon – Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork. Bacon is prepared from several different cuts of meat, typically from the pork belly

Eggs – Bird and reptile eggs consist of a protective eggshell, albumen (egg white), and vitellus (egg yolk), contained within various thin membranes

Cheese – Cheese is a dairy product derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavors, textures, and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein

Butter – Butter is a dairy product made from the fat and protein components of milk or cream.

Heavy cream -Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-fat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization

Bone broth – Stock, sometimes called bone broth, is a savory cooking liquid that forms the basis of many dishes, particularly soups

5 Day Carnivore diet Meal Plan



A few slices of bacon (about 4 ounces) and 1 or two 100% pork sausages or beef strips (3 ounces)


The grilled ground beef burger patty only (10 ounces) with a slice of cheese


4 fresh lamb chops or pork chops (12 ounces)



3 to 4 eggs with bacon some cheese on the side plus coffee or water


Beefsteak add some cheese


Roasted fatty fish like salmon with butter



2x grilled chicken breast with the skin still on


Roasted pork belly


Ribeye steak with grass-fed butter



Grilled ground beef burger patty with sliced cheese


Bone Morrow soup


BBQ beef ribs 



Grilled ground beef burger patty add cheese


Slow roast topside of beef + roasted beef liver 200g 


Roast salmon cutlets on the bone add salt for taste 

FAQ Carnivore diet

Is the carnivore diet safe?

Without a doubt YES!

When it comes to calorie counting should I do it

No in the beginning when you are starting don’t worry about calories the only thing you should be worried about is eating you will have to eat until you are full then if you did chose fatty cuts of meat there would be approximately a ratio of 70 / 30 wich means a 1:1 fat protein ratio and that’s fine 

Will I go into ketosis?

Yes but let it happen naturally you will sway from a deeper ketosis state to a lighter one and so on

How will I go to the bathroom if I don’t eat fiber

Fiber is not a necessity to go number 2 and you will experience fewer bowel movements over time maybe 1 to 2 times a week

Will the lack of vitamin C causes scurvy?

No there are vitamin c in meats but very little approximately 16 mcg/g in grain-fed meat and 25 mcg/g in grass-fed meat this is if the meat is still ”wet” meaning raw vitamin c is soluble meaning it disappears in dried meats like beef jerky

Can the Carnivore Diet kill you?

No there are a lot of nutrients and vitamins in meats and some carnivore lovers have gone years just living off meat.

Is the Carnivore diet expensive

Yes and No if you think about it buying a lot of meat say for 30 days can be expensive, yes but buying all other stuff like fruits vegetables and drinks will cost more at the end of the day 


Although there is some proof to the concept that eating only meat can reduce the risk of some diseases, in my opinion, it’s much better eating a healthy balanced diet of fruits veggies and nuts our digestive tract is much longer than that of carnivores and eating raw meat must pass through the stomach fast otherwise infection and bad bacteria can set in

The carnivore diet may be beneficial in the short term but I do not see any benefits for this type of very restrictive diet in the long run

If you have any suggestions or comments that you would like to share please feel free to comment below Is there anything we missed or just did not include in the list?


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