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In recent times, fans of the singer and Vegas performer Celine Dion have lashed out at her on social media regarding her drastic weight loss. While the singer says, nothing is wrong and insists that the weight loss makes her feel more feminine and stronger.

We dig a little deeper to see if this is really the case. [8]

Who Is Celine Dion.

Early years of Celine Dion

Céline Marie Claudette Dion was born on 30 March 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.Celine was first recognized in the 1980s when she did a few french language albums.

She gained international fame by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, where Switzerland was the country she sang under.

Celine went on to learn the English language, and in 1990 she sighed with epic records and released her first album. And As they said, the rest is history. [1]

Credit Celine Dion Instagram [3]

Celine Dion Health Journey.

Credit CurioSips [2]

Worried fans commented on Celine now 51 years olds Instagram photo when she posted herself sitting comfortably with her legs crossed and hands supporting her weight while she leaned back a bit. She also had a t-shirt on that said F.O.M.O, “Fear of missing out.”

Some fans wrote, “I really think that you are sick, please take care of you,” one wrote. “Celine, you are too skinny,” another agreed.

Another fan said that he has never seen Celine Dion so skinny and that she looks very fragile even so bad as to say that he believes her bones will crack with just one touch.

After these comments, there are hundreds more saying approximately the same thing, but it comes down to the point that she looks very unhealthy.

While there has not yet been any comment from Celine and her 16-year las vegas residency is coming to an end, we believe she would be commenting soon as we all now from pass experience she doesn’t take likely to body shamers.

She told People magazine that she loves dancing and that the dancing plus her hectic performance schedule can all have an influence on her weight loss. We can say that the amount of weight that Celine has lost over the few years since her husband René Angélil passing in 2016 has never been confirmed by anyone.

celine dion
Very Fragile Celine dion

Celine On Previous Weight Loss Problems

Over the last couple of years, Celine Dion has been more in the news for her slender looking figure than that of her beautiful sounding voice. She admitted to the guardian saying I am not anorexic; it just makes people angry that I am thin, and I don’t do anything to become this way.

Celine also stated that she has been thin all her life and that nobody in her family is overweight. Still, you must realize having the lifestyle of a performer is also one of my advantages of being able to stay thin.

She goes on, saying that she is working very hard to stay thin. She does ballet practice 4 times a week, and one of the perks you are getting when moving a lot is weight loss.

Photos The The Paris Fashion Week

Some photos of Celine Dion surfaced that show the very skinny celeb at the Paris fashion show we know that Celine has always been thin. Still, these photos got fans very concerned as she now looked dangerously unhealthy.


On The “Dan Wootton interview, “ She Said

“I want to feel strong feminine and sexy I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother, don’t take a picture. If you like it, I will be there if you don’t leave me alone.”

Since launching her new clothing brand for children called celinununu we believe Celine feels more outspoken and a little out of it sometimes just saying what you want when you want

What Does Celine Dion Eat

celine dion eating lunch
Credit Celine Dion Instagram [4]


Celine Dion did around 700 shows in 5 years in las vegas, and that means you have to keep your body healthy and full of energy we look at what type of foods Celine ate to keep her on stage for so long.

When it comes to breakfast Celine likes to stick to her roots and this for some would come as a surprise, but its french roots For the star a regular coffee or espresso with a croissant will do this doesn’t sound like much, but 1 croissant can pack alot of calories around 250


When it comes to snacks Celine Dion is quite honest with what she puts into her fresh body fruits is the go-to snack for this celebrity she likes cherries, melons, and pineapple she also is making it crystal clear that she only want fruits that are super fresh and in season.


When it comes to her launch the same french roots like her breakfast applies here recently she had a lunch interview with vanity fair and ordered a cauliflower vichyssoise, soup made with boiled, pureed veggies such as onions or potatoes.

Well, you would think that this would be enough for the star, but then she orders a quiche with salad. Although most people believe coffee is only for the mornings, Celine likes to order a cup during her lunches as well.


When it comes to dinner, all “steaks” are off, and you can find the star eating all kinds of cuisines from Italian, French, and American.

But that doesn’t prevent her from sometimes eating something we will never guest her recent interview with the sun she ordered bangers mash and gravy she loves meat and is a co-owner of a deli in Canada with specialized in smoked meat.

Genes And Exercise

She said that she inherited good genes, but that doesn’t prevent the Las vegas star from vigours exercise. You would think that the stage shows will be enough exercise for the 51-year-old, but not only is she burning calories on stage; she also has a workout routine.

 “I start on the stationary bike,” she said to  Elle. ” I lie on my stomach on a table, pushing into my palms or elbows to tone my shoulder blades to hold my neck — which is very long — while I sing. My physiotherapist makes sure my spine is aligned and that my shoulder blades aren’t stuck together.”

Celine Dion and 2020 Courage World Tour


Celine Dion announces recently that after a absents of about a decade, she is going to tour Hitting around 50 North American cities starting in September, releasing the dates on vivid seats.

Is Celine Dion Dating Again.

It is about 4 years ago when Celine Dion lost her beloved husband, René Angélil 

Celine told today that she currently isn’t ready to date again

Although Celine feels Rene presents in everything she does, she mentions that she missed having a partner.

Although she is not yet ready to date, she isn’t ruling it out for the future, including love romance and maybe walking down the aisle again.



The year 2020 is the be a big one for our favourite celeb although there has been a lot of rumours about Celine Dion weight troubles that’s just what we say stories we think a new day is dawing for Celine. After finishing  16 years in las vegas and her latest tour coming up, we will definitely be hearing more of her, either good or bad.

We here at healthopolitan wish Celine Dion all the best in her upcoming tour and beyond.


In march 2020 Celine Dion turned 52 years of age and after her courage tour we catch up with the “I am Alive” singer where she showed some of her new clothing and matching outfits. We must say looking at Celine comparison now and back a few months there is a visual gap on how she looks now compared to 2019 She looks much healthier and full of life although she probably would never say what was going on a few months back we are all glad to see Celine back in action.

celine dion courage world tour 1

Just after the courage tour Celine arrived in New York and looked like a pop-star wearing skinny jeans and long-sleeved coat and those jeans were just visible underneath. Celine new album is out now and it’s called courage she is also busy with a new song called I’m finding my way a pic was recently snapped showing her in the studio prepping the new song she performed the song for the first time on one of her last shows in Las Vegas

image 1
celine dion finding my way 1

We are glad to report that for now anyways Celine looks happy and in the prime of her signing career we know that the European dates have shifted but you can still catch some shows of her courage tour in 2021. The world is going through some tough times at the moment but as Celine did a few months ago we will get through all we need is love and hope.


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