9 Most Dangerous Diets Ever Conceived…

The most dangerous diets

What are the most dangerous diets in the world today? In this article, we will be analyzing these diets one by one to see how they fare against the baselines that we set up. They will be measured from 1 to 10 where 10 is less dangerous and 1 is most dangerous after all the scores will be tallied and a final overall score will be given. Here are the baseline rules.

  • How fast can you lose weight?
  • How dangerous is the diet?
  • How popular was it in its time?
  • Is it still used today?
  • Overall- 

The lower the score the more dangerous the diet becomes!

We would like to remind everyone that we would never suggest going on any of these diets mentioned in this post we at healthopolitan.com are all about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Always consult a nutritionist or medical practitioner when thinking of going on a diet.

Let’s jump right in with our first most dangerous diets in the world today!

The Tapeworm Diet

This one was probably a shocker but I can’t believe that people would believe this kind of diet works. Well, in theory, it should work and it goes like this. You consume or swallow a makeshift pill that has a tapeworm egg inside as soon as the tapeworm hatches it attaches itself to the intestine where it feeds on passing digestive food sources. [1]

So it goes you can eat as much as you want and never get fat because of the tapeworm that’s consuming all the calories.

How much does a Tapeworm Cost?

Well for safety reasons we won’t disclose the website but we tried to buy a tapeworm for about $35. I must say that I will never consume anything that’s bought off that website. It just looks very amateurish put together.

There are two common tapeworms one found in pigs and the other in cows the one found in pigs is the most common one.

Dangers of Tapeworms.

And believe me, you don’t want Cysticercosis.

Cysticercosis when these tapeworms get into the tissue parts of your body you got a very big problem. These tapeworms can infect the brain and lead to seizures. You don’t get it from eating undercooked meat but rather if you swallowed tapeworm eggs.

How Popular is the Tapeworm Diet?

The tapeworm diet has had its peak in the victorian era namely 1820 to 1900 luckily it has died down but is still being practiced around the world in today’s era.

Did you Know

Tapeworm can get to a length of about 30 ft and live inside its host for up to 30 years.

In some cases, the tapeworm can make you eat more as they are ingesting all the calories making you feel hungry.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 1/10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 8/10
  • How popular was it in its time? 7/10
  • Is it still used today? 5/10
  • Overall- 5.2 / 10

The Baby Food Diet

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The Baby Food Diet peaked its head out in 2010 and rumored to have been started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. [2]

The diet falls in the fad diet category which means it can help you lose weight over the short term but can get very dangerous in the long run. There is also no scientific proof that the diet can help with weight loss.

What the diet does is restricting sodium intake which is responsible for water retention so the weight that you are losing can be water only weight.

The idea behind the baby food diet is that you eat small jars of baby food (around 14 jars in the original diet) during breakfast then again during lunch and if you want some snacks to guess what BABY FOOD!

It will only be the dinner which is a regular meal. The calories that you will take in are very low hence the reason for diet the baby food tastes blunt and this is said to help prevent you from eating too much.

The Danger of the Baby Food Diet

Even if you eat 14 jars of baby food a day this isn’t enough to sustain an adult with all nutrients and minerals that the body needs for daily life. You will get stomach rumblings including huge cravings for crunchy food.

This diet is also quite expensive, taking $2 per jar and eating 14 per day will leave you $28 out of pocket per day. Although the diet is not that dangerous it’s never a good idea to stay on a fad diet.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 9/10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 3/10
  • How popular was it in its time? 7/10
  • Is it still used today? 6/10

Overall- 6.2 / 10

The Cotton Ball Diet ‘Most Dangerous Diet’ 

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The diet believed to have started in the fashion industry mostly, models trying to stay as thin as possible. [3]

Looking back in history people have tried outright ridiculous things to lose weight but I was literary stomped off my feet when I came across this diet. The diet is so dangerous that it can kill you I can’t think that people were doing this diet. [4]

The diet consists of eating cotton balls soaked in some kind of liquid like water, coffee, or orange juice. This will help the stomach feel fuller and in return no calorie intake meaning lots of healthopolitan.

This is not a diet but an eating disorder as someone going to extreme lengths thinking their body needs improvement.

Dangers of The Cotton Ball Diet

The most dangerous diet in the world

After you consume the cotton balls it remains in the stomach for some time you see the stomach can’t digest cotton and it is here where other food sources and mucus stick to these cotton balls it’s called a bezoar.

When the bezoar can’t be dissolved it moved through the digestive tract and can cause blockages there are a few signs to look out for like swelling, nausea, and diarrhea.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 5/10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 9/10
  • How popular was it in its time? 6/10
  • Is it still used today? 3/10
  • Overall- 5.7 / 10 

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

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This diet was originally mentioned in the year 1966, from Jacqueline Susann’s bestseller Valley of the Dolls. [5]

The Sleeping Beauty diet is one of those extreme ways people think that they can lose weight like the fairytale it is believed that you can lose weight while sleeping. [6]

In some extreme cases, people are taking sleeping pills or sedatives during their sleep routine like this diet says if you aren’t sleeping you are eating cake.

These diets are of an obsessed nature and when I went through some pro-anorexia diet forums I found that women in these Communities find that the sleeping Beauty diet is a good thing and they encourage the use of sleeping pills like Xanax to sleep for 10 To 15 hours a day.

We here at healthopolitan can tell you now that this is a very very bad idea and this diet should never be tried by anyone. Although never scientifically proven it is said that this diet can help with weight loss and rumor has it that it has been used by Elvis Presley in the 70s so that he can fit into his now world-famous jumpsuit.

Again if you are Practicing this diet we encourage you to stop immediately this is not a diet but again a disorder seeks immediate medical attention In the most extreme case a woman was sleeping for more than 20 hours with the help of sleeping pills.

Dangers of the sleeping Beauty Diet

Addiction to prescription medicine which is very likely to cause an overdose.

The sleeping of long hours can lead to social isolation and inturn causes depression Like we said this is not a diet but a disorder and with disorders comes depression.

Taking sleeping pills means when you are awake there’s also the feeling of drowsiness nausea and one other called sleep eating.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 2 /10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 10/10
  • How popular was it in its time? 7/10
  • Is it still used today? 7/10
  • Overall- 2.2 / 10

The Cabbage Soup Diet

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Like the Baby food diet, experts agree that this diet is not sustainable in the long run the cabbage soup diet just means that you have to eat cabbage soup 7 times a day four 7 days the diet also proclaimed that you can lose 10 pounds in a week. [8]

The origin of this diet is not known but we know that it was a high fad diet in the 1980’s It is said that the diet was invented for patients that needed to lose rapid weight hence also known by the name Sacred Heart Hospital Diet but we cannot confirm this.

Dangers of the cabbage soup diet

It’s possible to lose a few pounds because of the low-calorie intake but this is not sustainable in the long run. We spoke to a few people that are on the cabbage diet and the main problem with this diet is the repetitiveness and blunt taste.

At the end of the week on the cabbage soup diet, only 30 percent of the weight that was lost was fat the rest is only water and is likely to return when the diet is stopped.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 9/10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 610
  • How popular was it in its time? 9/10
  • Is it still used today? 10/10    
  • Overall- 7.2 / 10

The Werewolf Diet

The werewolf diet also is known by names like the lunar diet, or moon diet, it’s a diet that consists of eating according to the phases of the lunar movement.[9]

The diet states that the gravitational pull the moon has on our oceans the same effect it has on the water inside our bodies.

The diet also states that you can lose up to 6 pounds in a day witch to us is crazy. And has two ways going about it the first is drinking only water to cleanse the body and its with this that they say you can lose weight fast well we have a word for it “fasting” and it can be dangerous if not done right.

The second is following a specific diet that follows the moon phases but we do not think that this will have a huge impact on your weight loss goals

  • How fast can you lose weight? 2 / 10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 8 / 10
  • How popular was it in its time? 2 / 10
  • Is it still used today? 5 / 10
  • Overall- 7.8 / 10

The Feeding Tube Diet

image 9

Well, when I came across the cotton ball diet I thought this is the worst diet people can think of well it may come as a surprise but there are worst diets out there and one is called the feeding tube diet.[10]

It was made popular by brides wanting to lose weight before there wedding day

And just as the word describes a tube is passed through the nose down the esophagus from there it goes passed the stomach to the duodenum,

There is a high protein solution pump trough the tube the same way doctors would help patients that can’t eat or mentally ill, patients.

I also can’t see why men would let their bride to do this kind of extreme weight loss before a wedding the chances of the weight coming back are almost 100 percent.

This way of dieting also falls in the category of disorders and not diets

Dangers of Feeding tube Diet 

Constipation will occur most definitely. The diet is a nasogastric tube that is an unpleasant, undesirable medical procedure and can cause massive health complications. The diet puts the body into the first state of starvation.

The diet is also not sustainable in the long run and doing this kind of procedure without really needing medical attention can run you up about $1500 

  • How fast can you lose weight? 5 / 10 
  • How dangerous is the diet? 5 / 10
  • How popular was it in its time? 5 / 10
  • Is it still used today? 5 / 10 
  • Overall- 8 / 10  

The Lemon Detox Diet

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If you only want to consume a lemon base mixture for up to two weeks then this is the diet for you but be aware that there is no known scientific research stating that you can lose weight with this diet.[11]

The basis of this diet was conceived with the notion that lemon can remove alcohol and drugs from the body’s system. the lemon diet is said to cleanse the body of any unwanted pollutants but actually, there can be times when the lemon prohibited the body from cleansing.

Dangers of the lemon detox diet 

Some of the reported cases of the diet and their unwanted symptoms are

Gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, headaches, weakness, dehydration, addiction, long-term weight gain, malnutrition.

  • How fast can you lose weight? 1/10
  • How dangerous is the diet? 5/10
  • How popular was it in its time? 4/10
  • Is it still used today? 4/10
  • Overall- 3.8 / 10

We save the best for last and although this one will probably not kill you it’s great to know that people in the victorian era also wanted to look great and lose weight fast

The Fletcherizing Diet


Well, you remember your mother telling you to chew your food before swallowing well.[12]

The father of Mastication the process by which we use our teeth to crush and grind produce. It is also the first wave of digestion and what helps enzymes to tear down our food more productively…

The good doctor came up with a way to chew food that he claimed was good for weight loss and that is chewing your food 100 times before swallowing he even suggested that you chew liquids like water.

By the time he died his theory already started losing ground to another invention called calorie counting.

Two recent studies showed that if you chew your food 40 times against the average of 10 times you lose about 12 percent of calories in the food


So there you have the most dangerous diets of all time and we hoped you enjoyed reading this article remember never try one of these diets as some of them mentioned can be deadly

Always consult with a medical practitioner before attempting any diets we strongly impose that the best way to lose weight is by healthy eating and regular moderate exercise Please feel free to leave a comment on any diets that we left out.

Let us know what is the worst diet that you have been on what was the outcome and will you ever do that diet again and was there any permanent weight gain or losses.


Hi there My name is Christo Zeelie and I am the CEO and founder of healthopolitan.com we are a company dedicated to bringing our audience information that is accurate and honest. Family values are at the core of our business If you have any question please feel free to send us a mail at: [email protected] Kind regards Christo Zeelie

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