How to lose weight while breastfeeding or c-section

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I must first imply that weight loss should be at the bottom of your list at least for the first six months while breastfeeding and caring for your newborn baby. Remember the weight you gained over the last nine months can definitely be lost in the coming six months So let’s start with how to lose weight while breastfeeding

lose weight while breastfeeding

So the question can I lose weight while breastfeeding or having a Cesarean section the answer is upmost yes there are a few things that you need to consider namely

Typically mothers that eat a healthy diet of fruit veggies and not seem to drop their pregnancy weight naturally this is not actually the case what happens is that 300 to 500 calories are stored daily inside breast milk to help feed the newborn baby if you have an ideal weight in mind at 5 to £10 to that weight your body will still need this extra pounds during the breastfeeding stage you can drop this bounce after the breastfeeding state is complete

So to start off the excess water fluids and placenta can weigh anything between 15 and 17 pounds with this out of the way you already lost some weight and are quite lighter

Do not deprive yourself.

You have to think this through eating as healthy and nutritious as possible do not deprive yourself of food that you crave remember by not eating healthy you are snacking more and that can lead to weight gain in women rather eat nutrient-dense foods like

Whole grains Barley Brown rice Buckwheat Oatmeal Popcorn

Fruit Apple Orange Lime Apricot Peach

Vegetables Spinach Garlic Peas Carrots

Always make sure that fruits and vegetables are cleaned and washed preferably under running water.

Try to keep dry nuts and fruit close by for instance in a carry-on bag or your purse for snacking on in times when you are hungry.

Avoid these things

Processed foods

All processed foods are high in sodium which is bad for your overall health and that of your baby.

Fatty food

Try to reduce fatty foods like whip cream hamburger smoked ribs dessert and fried chicken replace these foods with foods that are high in protein like avocado fish eggs and meat.


Sugars are hidden inside juices and sodas that can increase their calorie intake in women and can lead to weight gain.

This is not a race

It would be best if you can track your progress remember to weigh yourself only once a day if you keep a journal you will start obsessing about your weight which in turn can be a good thing remember if you weigh yourself more than once a day you are obsessing the wrong way.

Some tips

Don’t expect losing weight on day one some women see results in the first few weeks but studies have shown that this is not typical in all women.

Get your rest

Scientists have shown that women find it very difficult to lose weight because of irregular routines and lack of sleep missing out on your beauty sleep can cause over-snacking and overheating that results in weight gain in women and that of men.

Get some exercise

The best exercise you can do is strength walking trying to walk up an incline or steep slope will do the trick remember this is a marathon, not a race walking fills your lungs with fresh air and also improves your mood you can push your baby in a stroller or walk with family or Friends the stroller will help with more calories burned. 

lose weight while breastfeeding with these children fruits and juices

Keep hydrated

Drinking H2O  is not only good for your entire well-being but water also helps with the manufacturing of breast milk drinking water will help you feel Fuller and help with resisting of food cravings women that are breastfeeding need much more water than that of normal adult if you don’t like the taste of water try mixing in some lemon juice cucumber or trying something different like cranberry juice. 

Tone your Core

Did you know that laughing can help strengthen your core by contracting and relaxing the abdominal muscles this will help you in toning of the abdominal.

Pilates and yoga is also a good abdominal training and it firms the core.

Big big no-no’s

Do not do any exercise after abdominal area until 6 weeks have passed since I the normal or cesarean pregnancy birth.

  1. Do not take any weight loss tablets while breastfeeding as this will be more harmful than good
  2. Do not take any kind of medication speak to your medical practitioner about medication
  3. If something doesn’t feel right either with you or your body speak to your medical practitioner
  4. Do not take any caffeinated products
  5. Do not take Herbalife it is not a recommended weight loss product

Is it safe

Some women try to up the ante when they aren’t seeing the results they want with breastfeeding it is never a good idea to lose weight too quickly especially while nursing and infant always avoid taking any kind of weight loss pills some of these pills can be more harmful than good.


Always consult with a medical practitioner before taking anything or doing any sort of exercise a lot of work has gone into writing this article a lot of studying has been involved but it’s always better to use your own common sense before taking up any advice or anything you read on the internet please speak to your medical doctor or practitioner or midwife for any advice on your newborn baby.

Taking a multivitamin

Multivitamins can help fulfill the requirement of the mother and the child take the vitamins daily throughout the whole breastfeeding stage.


Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day it took you 9 months to gain the weight if you lose it in six months you are a winner never obscure your baby from nutrients to benefit your own body you would be surprised on how many women worry more about weight loss than their own infant patience is the Key to Success.

Always eat the correct foods start to exercise walk with family or friends and push your stroller to get a food journal and count your calories to lose weight you have to burn more calories than what you consume.


There are a lot of apps out there today that can help you with healthopolitan or even early childhood development try to catch up on some of these apps for instance you can get a Smartwatch that can help you keep track of your calorie intake and calorie burn processes you can get an app that helps you with a Food channel so you can start seeing results in what you are eating and how you are releasing those nutrients into your body there are some apps that can even help you with parenting and early infant breastfeeding techniques.

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