Intermittent Fasting Muscle Building.

intermittent fasting muscle building

As a regular Guy going to the gym twice a week I wanted to start building muscle for an experiment I am doing so my question is can I do intermittent fasting building muscle at the same time well the sweet and short answers are.

Yes you can it’s just going to be a little harder than normal as intermittent fasting means periods were restrictions on food intake are highly likely and we’ll all know that we need calories which are used as energy and proteins that all come in the form of food we eat to understand this question a lot better we have to ask ourselves to things what is intermittent fasting and what is building muscle with intermittent fasting

The meaning of intermittent fasting

Most people think of fasting as starvation or rapid weight loss but in reality that’s not the case, intermittent fasting is a pattern that you follow where food restrictions apply for some kind of time.

Intermittent fasting just means that you are skipping breakfast and that you are eating Very early in the evenings intermittent fasting just means that you will fast or not eat anything for approximately 16 hours that includes the time spent sleeping and the 8-hour window when you are awake by the at work or doing something else

Fun fact

Eggs and toast you eat with breakfast

In yesteryear people would fast all the time for weeks and weeks on end if one such person fasting Time came to an end he would state that he is going to have a break the word break and fast later on in western civilization became known as breakfast that’s why you hear a lot of people saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in all the times meaning that it’s the first meal after the break from fasting

The meaning of muscle building with intermittent fasting
When you decide to go for intermittent fasting the human growth hormone called HGH is activated this hormone has weight loss and fat burning qualities as well as muscle building jeans the granddaddy of intermittent fasting Martin barkhan and the Brad pilon explains the muscle-building qualities in the book eat stop eat.

So you can gain muscle while fasting the short answer is most definitely what you should do is when you are and in the fasting mode you should try and get all the protein you can into your body this includes eggs almond chicken breast oats cottage cheese Greek yogurt.

Fun fact

After the fasting face you can eat as much junk food as you wish and still get ripped try some stuff like ice cream or pizza does not matter

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lonely man doesn't have enough resources

This stage is where most people totally fall off the wagon say for instance you are fasting for 8 hours during the day but you need to consume about 2000 calories you can just consume these galleries all at once in the evenings same goes for longer fasting periods consume 2 days worth of calories in example 4000 calories in one sitting and then fast for 24 hours that is the simple calculation for fasting remember that you can consume all these calories in one sitting

It’s gym time

When it comes to gym time you have two options weight overload also known as progressive overload this means that you must either add weight to the bar but keep your reps and sets the same or add more reps but keep the weight and the sets the same Most people ask me what is the secret when it comes to weight gain and fasting to be short and sweet there is actually no sort of secret all you have to do is remember to eat lots of protein during the phase that you are not fastingThis is a very highly recommended point that I want to get through you need to put in more proteins as fasting consumes calories and as we all know calories are the building blocks of energy that we need when we are in the gym

Intermittent fasting and potential hazards that go along with it new line
While we said that you can do weight gain exercises while being on an intermittent fasting period it is not the optimal way to do it if your goal is to get as big as you can it’s rather better not being on a fasting period as studies have shown that through a period of one year 1% of the human body is muscle tissue is lost while they are fasting

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Black coffee

For some unknown reasons black coffee has an appetite suppressant inside you can use this alternative drinking liquid when fasting to help overcome the waviness of The Hunger the best option rather would be sparkling waters cuz the carbonation inside helps your stomach feel fuller for longer.


While Muscle building and intermittent fasting are not ideal you can still build muscle and fast at the same time I would love to hear your comment so please type them below also you can find the resources for this article below as well as some more post from us.

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