Jorge Garcia Weight Loss – How He Almost “LOST” It

Jorge Garcia weight loss

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Jorge Fernando Garcia was born on 28th April 1973 in Omaha Nebraska you will recognize him as the popular Hurley from the TV series Lost. (3)
From an early age, Jorge Garcia struggled with weight loss issues and just before he auditioned for lost in 2004 he almost weight 400 pounds.

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As we go through his life you will see that not only has Jorge Garcia Weight loss been his downfall but also made him a better man where he is today.(4) is on youtube

Jorge Garcia Early childhood

Jorge Garcia struggles began at an early age when he was attending San Clemente High School in Orange County he was given the nickname Babyface killer not only by his already huge stature but that he was an Abbott fan of wrestling.

Jorge Garcia weight loss

After High School Jorge Garcia Join the Beverly Hills Playhouse where all of his acting training started.

Don’t get me wrong here Jorge Garcia was never under the impression that he is living healthy he understands the risk of being overweight and in some regards became famous for the feature.

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Others would have been quite ashamed of being overweight.

The difference came when he auditioned for lost and had to start losing weight you can’t do 118 episodes of Lost on a desolate Island and not become thin.

During Lost’s run, Garcia wrote a blog about the show called Dispatches from the Island.

He also hosted a weekly podcast, Geronimo Jack’s Beard, in which he discussed the script of Season 6 along with his then-girlfriend Bethany Leigh Shady.

Garcia is an associate producer and star in the independent film When We Were Pirates, in which he plays Jerry, who along with a group of close friends, learns that his childhood love of playing pirates helps him overcome some of the difficulties he faces later in life.

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He is seen singing in the studio for the upcoming project on an officially released YouTube clip

Jorge Garcia weight loss

When Jorge Garcia Started his weight loss journey he was already 46 years of age the reason why Jorge Garcia is comfortable with his weight is because he’s been like this from an early age.

In 2017 he started a weight-loss journey that saw him lose 100 pounds

Nooch Diet

After auditioning for lost in 2004 and realize he had to lose weight to be cast.

Jorge Garcia got a team of training coaches and expert nutritionist to help him through the extremely difficult process of losing weight he gave up alcohol and started a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.

Let’s take a look at the Nooch Diet

Nooch diet Stands for nutritional yeast.

It is an active yeast made from sugarcane and beat molasses. It is commonly used for toppings of your favorite dishes like popcorn and french fries. 

It has a cheesy type of Flavour nutritional yeast that can also be a substitute for cheese in a vegan dish. When Jorge Garcia’s weight loss got out of hand his nutritionist would always go back to the nutritional yeast diet.

 A few years ago this diet would have been one of the best that you can put someone healthopolitan.

And in the end, he relapsed and gained all this weight back I’m not saying that you must totally forget about the nutritional yeast diet but in my case, there are much better diets out there today like the keto diet and Mediterranean diet.

There are also some side effects associated with nutritional yeast we will be looking at some side effects.

  • Can lead to abdominal discomfort if you are not familiar with high fiber food
  • well it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals such as B12 some of his products contains Tyramine which can trigger migraines and headaches

When Jorge Garcia relapsed and pick up the weight he lost.

His friends and family began to worry about the risk of diabetes, or sudden heart attack, it’s at that point when he decided that we have gone beyond the tipping point.

Jorge Garcia Grab the bull by the horns and went 100% vegan he removed animal-based products from his life completely.

Not only that but dairy as well. He carried on with the nutritional yeast diet when 2017 broke Jorge Garcia weight goals had been reached.

He lost about 1/4 of his original body weight while still a big man coming in at 300 pounds he is well outside the risk-off all sorts of diseases like stroke and obesity.

After he reached his weight loss goals Jorge Garcia Got the role of Jerry Ortega in Hawaii Five-O.

Hawaii 5'O

He appeared in the fourth season of this popular crime drama in 2013 some of Garcia’s fans were quite shocked to see the ones 400lb man so thin but looking incredible and continuing on his all-vegan diet.(6)

He also was recalled later for another season on Hawaii Five-O. After Garcia left the show in season 10 to pursue writing a novel it remains unknown if he will return to the show…

When asked what he will do next he said enjoying family life.

Jorge Garcia Kaiju Podcast

jorge podcast

Jorge Garcia Also has a laugh for giant monsters called kaiju and has a podcast with the same name it’s a bi-weekly podcast about movies with giant monsters Jorge Garcia Discusses movies starring Godzilla King Kong and anything bent on destroying mankind here is the link to the podcast  (1.2)

Jorge Garcia’s obsession with weight loss has been placed on hold, for now, he got married to Rebecca Birdsall on 22 June 2019 outside Leixlip Dublin Ireland.

Jorge and his wife wedding foto

After the ceremony, they went on a visit to Greece for the honeymoon it came as quite a shock to some of Jorge Garcia fans because he wasn’t the type that shared much of his romantic life.

In the wedding photos, they decided to dress up in gorilla suits and he and Rebecca are eager fans of Halloween.

Some facts you might not have known about Jorge Garcia

  • He is trained as an actor but he got a degree in communication studies from UCLA.
  • His character on lost was created specifically for Garcia they spotted the actor in Curb Your Enthusiasm and so decided that Garcia will play a role in Lost.
  • He wasn’t new to the show as he did once audition for  he part of sawyer
  • The band Weezer released an album in 2010 called Hurley based on the character he played in Lost.
  • He appears in 118 episodes out of the 121 there is which is the most by any actor.
  • Apparently he cried when he read the final script of Lost.
  • Jorge Garcia apparently also a great fan of Star Wars. 


jorge garcia’s weight loss difficult was with him all his life but he showed that with persistence it is possible to lose weight.

Although the actor had gained some weight back over time it just shows that being overweight is a constant battle.

Luckily Jorge GarciaIs is a stand-up comedian by heart and did not really care what people thought of him while taking a break from the limelight I cannot wait to see what Garcia has in store for us next.

If you like this article about celebrities we were thinking to do this on a weekly basis let us know in the comments what you thought about this rendition off Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey and if it looks good we will definitely be doing more in the future. 

jorge garcia weight is in my book one of the biggest inspirations and I hope all the best for this kind-hearted actor…

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