Nathan Fillion Weight Loss The Life of The Rookie Star.

nathan fillion weight loss

Before we get to Nathan Fillion weight loss and the remarkable way he transformed in recent months. There is some excellent weight loss content on our homepage, including weight loss transformations from honey boo boo and Celine Dion. Let’s jump right into the article.

Nathan Fillion Early Life.

The now rookie actor was born on March 27, 1971, in Edmonton, Alberta. Fillion has been a US citizen since 1997 and grew up in Edmonton, where he went to school and university. Nathan never struggled with weight while he was growing up. It’s only in later years when the pounds started to show that he decided to do something about it.

As an actor or actress will tell you. To lose weight for a movie or television series is not easy. In 1994 Nathan Fillion started his acting career in a soap opera called one life to live. He got nominated for a daytime Emmy for the role of Joey Buchannan. 2002 Came along and as describe by Fillion himself as the best acting job he ever had. Its name? FIREFLY. Every acting role Nathan Fillion has had since then, he will always compare it to the firefly. The show came to a close in 2005.

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss.

The star of the hit tv show Castle showed off his slimmer look recently. We can spot that Nathan Fillion has undergone a weight loss transformation recently. And quite surprising to the fans of the show. We had some very good to nasty comments, and all revealed in this article.

So why the rapid transformation from bulky detective to a slimmer policeman. Nathan told fans that he lost some weight for the rookie season 2 to fit more with the persona of a policeman. While others speculate and even fear the worst. Nathan Fillion stands by his statement that there’s nothing healthwise wrong with him.

Twitter exploded with the Rookie Trailor.

When the rookie season 2 trailer was released on twitter by Nathan Fillion official page. Fans erupted with comments on how good he looks. Some said that he looks more like a policeman now. And others commented that they liked the beefier Nathan more. While he never stated the reason for his weight loss. There is a remarkable difference in him playing the first season compared to the second.

We all know Nathan uses a stunt double in action scenes. The reason for this, he has a bad knee. So running or extreme exercise didn’t help Nathan Fillion lose weight. Nathan is quite a private guy, and the only picture we have of Fillion. Looking much skinnier is when he shared the photo with caption.

“This season, we are using the new ‘chiseled filter.”

The real reason Nathan Fillion lost weight

We will undoubtedly never know the real reason why Nathan lost all that weight, but this leaves a lot of room for speculation. Did he lose the weight for suicide squad or the rookie season 2?

Nathan Fillion and Comic-Con


Although this has nothing to do with Nathan Fillion’s healthopolitan, we would like to trough this in the mix. Nathan is a big comic fan, and his first-ever comic con was in 2002. He stars in roles such as guardians of the galaxy and the death of superman

We caught up with the skinny mustache man at the comic con @ home recently. A dedicated panel discusses his movies and career. With his dog by his side, we could see that Nathan got real thin lately. Some comment from his fan was.

Isis Baez says: First of all, Nathan looks how he looks, and that’s his business. And Sharon, of course, he is going to look older, no one stays looking precisely the same.

He’s 49 years old what, is he supposed to look 20. Patricia Anderson: He is thin, that’s how weight loss works. It involves losing weight. It is so wrong to put the fact that you think he might be sick into the universe.

Nathan Fillion on Exercise

While we touch earlier on exercise and that Nathan doesn’t do exercise because of a bad knee. He did some sort of physical activity to lose weight. This can include yoga and swimming. He also likes cycling and does some meditation from time to time.

Nathan and the Keto Diet

Rumors have surfaced that the remarkable way Nathan lost weight was because of the keto diet. We know that the keto diet is one of the best and healthiest ways to lose weight. We did a whole article on the benefits of this diet.

Mr. Fillion never stated that he was on any diet to lose weight. But we know that the keto diet changes the way your body burns fats for energy, from using carbohydrates to using your fat storages.

Upcoming Projects For Nathan Fillian

Nathan Fillion On Instagram

The 49-year-old actor hasn’t slowed down yet. And is still busy like always. He is preparing for the role in suicide squad set for release in 2021. According to, the ratings of season 2 have gone up by 4 %. But down if you measure it against the pilot episode. Will there be a season 3? Let us know.


Although Nathan Fillion’s weight loss is not so private as he might hope. Well, he is an actor after all. We still believe that he looks as good as always. We first met him as a construction company owner in the Rookie. And now going on to play as antiheroes in movies. He will always be a great actor. If he hadn’t lost weight, we would still be a huge fan. We will keep our eyes on Nathan Fillion to see what happens in the future and update this post.

Come to think of it as long as he is in good health. We do not care about the weight that he has lost or gained over the years. Nothing that we can see in his personal life has led Nathan to lose weight. We think this was a healthy and deliberate decision from the actor.


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