What Is The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet And How Does It Work?

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

The over 40 hormone reset diet is a digital program designed to help men and women over the age of 40 loose weight that otherwise seems difficult to lose. You see as your body aged other aches and pains tend to set in that wouldn’t have bothered you when you were in your twenties. As you get older your body changes and so should your means of weight loss.

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When you reach the humble age of 40 you wake up one morning and see an extra flabby wrinkle. We all know that there is no such thing as a magic anti-aging pill “Not Yet” And as our bodies get older our metabolism slows down this can cause lots of negative effects on your body and mind. What we need is a way to restart the body’s metabolism because doing so will not only help us digest food better but all vitamins and minerals that we need will be released into our bodies.

In this article we do an in-depth review of a product called the over 40 hormone reset diet we discuss pros and cons as well as if the product is good for you or not. 

Unlike other product reviews were they only say good things so that you buy the product We are the opposite there will be no affiliate links for the product in these posts only good information so you can make the right decision.

What Hormones Are responsible For Weight Gain.

 hormone reset diet


The first hormone is called estrogen this hormone found in a woman and can cause weight gain through low levels caused by menopause the process where the female reproductive levels drop drastically and menstruation cycles stop. 

Lots of women have found to gain significant amounts of fat when their estrogen levels are low. Studies have found that the hormone estradiol copied directly to estrogen also drops meaning slower metabolism and gaining of body weight.

Thyroid Gland

It is located at the bottom of the neck and is almost a butterfly shape. This organ releases hormone that controls your metabolism. There are two sub hormones associated with the thyroid gland they are called T3, T4. There should always be a very delicate balance between these two hormones.

Either having too much or too little of T3 AND T4 can have a negative impact on your body having too little of these hormones can lead to slowing down your heart rate and metabolism causing you to gain weight. Having too much has anxiety and hair loss as the main symptom.


During a meal leptin hormone is activated signaling your brain that you had enough to eat and this will make you stop eating when we eat to much sugar our bodies tend to create more fat cells and are stored in the liver, the problem is that these fat cells can also release leptin and the cycle continue. This is how we overeat and can lead to massive weight gain.

There are quite a few listed hormones that can lead to weight gain this is just a few we mentioned if you are struggling with weight gain we suggest you talk to a qualified general practitioner or dietician this post is only for educational purposes and should not be followed as advice in any matter.

How to Fix Hormones That’s Responsible for weight loss!

You should try and avoid foods that cause inflammation this normally is foods with high sugar content like soft drinks and trans fats. Rather go for omega 3 and anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish and mackerel.

Here comes the big one are you ready EXERCISE, yes that’s it you have heard it a thousand times but is true exercise is one of the best ways to heal your body and help you lose weight even light to moderate exercise will help with better mood and the feeling of happiness.

Sleep is another big one in these busy times we live in. It is essential that we get enough sleep you have to make sleep a routine practice. Ask yourself this, mabe you have stayed up late to watch a movie or catch up on some office work what is the one thing that you do when you are trying to stay awake you find something to eat.

Staying up late has a direct link to overeating and gaining weight so rather stick to your normal sleeping patterns if you want to lose weight.

Over 40 hormone reset diet, you have to Eat Meat For Breakfast!

Eating a protein-rich breakfast can help with Ghrelin levels this is also called the “hunger hormone” and its release when your stomach is empty telling you that it needs to be filled.

Protein has stronger bonding molecules and it takes longer for your stomach to digest proteins than other types of foods so proteins stay longer in the stomach keeping the hunger hormone at bay meaning you will not get cravings as much.

Studies have now shown that eating a protein-rich breakfast can change the hormones throughout the day (4,16,22,23,24,25)

Great So What is The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Really?

Dr. Natasha Turner wrote a book by the name hormone diet she is a naturopathic doctor. The book focuses on hormone imbalances which according to her is the cause for weight gain the book is also known as the over 40 hormone reset diet this is because most hormone imbalances occur in older persons.

The diet consists of six weeks and is divided into three phases which puts the body back into sync with its hormones and promote a healthier weight loss diet and lifestyle.

The hormone reset diet phase consists of diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and detoxification. Not only does the hormone diet regulate what you eat but also tells you at what time to eat this regulates the optimal time for perfect hormone benefits.

Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet (The Detoxification Phase.)

This part of the diet is the first phase and consists of two weeks process. In this phase, all the basic stuff like gluten sugars caffeine, and alcohol are avoided foods that are permitted include vegetables and fruits and nuts.

The phase also permits you to take supplements of the natural kind like fish oils and anti-inflammatory products like Tumeric.

The Incorporation Phase

This phase lets you put back some of the products that you have taken out in the first phase you slowly bring some of these back into your body and watch how your body responds to it. In this phase, there are also some foods that are “hormone hindering” as they called it that would never be taken back like mercury in some fish and meat that’s not organic and corn syrup.

The physical and mental wellness phase

This phase consists of the physical part of the hormone reset diet as a whole and there is a lot of exercise in this phase.it doesn’t really say what type of exercise but as far as we know doing running fast walking or any other type of physical activity would be 100 percent fine.

Before taking any nutritional supplements or following a “detox” diet, you should consult your doctor first.

You know what they say with big claims comes well just another diet although losing 12 pounds in two weeks is quite untrue and we hate that people use exact amounts it is unrealistic to think that you will lose this amount and alternatively can be outright dangerous to your health.

There is some merit to the hormone diet and that is it has all the ingredients for healthy living including eating the right foods exercise and overall healthy lifestyle. Hormones, on the other hand, control most to all our body functions, and trying to stimulate certain hormones only for the benefit of weight loss will be dangerous.

The science in the book.

The great part of the book is about explaining factors and the science behind hormones but come to think of it keeping track of your hormones while on the diet would practically be unproductive as you will need quite a few dollars for the blood test and swaps these are not cheap and by the time you get the results the hormones would probably be something totally different so keeping track of these is not the way to go.   

There is currently no evidence to support that these types of diets work. And we believe further study is needed.


Although some things in the hormone reset diet are true you can probably include it into any diet the phase is well said out and it consists of a detox phase which is good. The place emphasizes that you can lose a pound of fat a day or 12 pounds in two weeks this is very bad and you must never make these types of claims. we would rather say look into mediterranean diet recipes for better and healthier eating habits.

They use exercise as a medium which is a good thing it is always a great way to lose some extra pounds. We also think that controlling your hormones only for the benefits of weight loss would be totally non-practical and can be dangerous as the human hormones almost control the whole body.

We would only buy the hormone reset diet if it came with a money-back guarantee and also consulted a medical doctor first. Also, there are very few weight loss products on the market today that do what they say in the Tin if you want to check out some weight loss products that are not a scam go to this page


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