How To Remove Stretch Marks From Breast In Under 30 Days!

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Red and White Stretch Marks

We will be discussing how to remove Stretch marks from breast

are lines or streaks that appear on the skin and can be colored namely white or red. Stretch marks normally appear after rapid growth or abnormal weight gain the stretch marks normally begin as red and over time change to color purple or white depending on how old they are. Here are 10 ways you can get rid of stretch marks in under 30 days. (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

1.Cosmetic surgery

how To Remove Stretch marks from breast

When all other options have failed then cosmetic surgery is the option for you i will not go this root as there are alternatives to go for before going for cosmetic surgery It is quiet a expensive surgery but i must say very effective method

A tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that not only removes stretch marks, but also removes excess skin and fat from your abdomen. This procedure gives the abdomen a flatter and firmer look. However, a surgical procedure comes with a number of health risks. Before pursuing this treatment, discuss your options with your doctor.

2.Laser Therapy

6 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks In Under 30 Days!

Laser Therapy is a common way to remove white stretch marks the laser penetrates the skin triggering skin cells to start regeneration procedure it is not that expensive to go for laser therapy and two to three sessions that are about a month apart will do the trick. Remember always to consult your dermatologist before hand

After laser therapy you can walk out of the appointment and straight back to work there is no downtime required but try not to get the affected area into direct sunlight.

3.Lotion, Oil ,Bio-Oil

6 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks In Under 30 Days!

Applied regularly, creams oils and bio-oils can lighten the tone of stretch marks but they may not completely remove them. Before using any treatment, discuss your risks with your dermatologist. Some bio-oils can trigger an allergic reaction or may not be strong enough to treat your condition.

It is not scientifically proven that bio oils really works for stretch marks although it has shown to reduce the redness so use at your own discretion Bio Oils has shown to replenish a lot of moisture that are lost during sleep and exercise which in turn help with stretching of the skin

4.Natural Remedies

6 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks In Under 30 Days!

Using castor oil everyday massage into your tiger marks and apply a heat pad for about 30 minutes every day this should reduce the red marks in under 30 days Egg whites are full of amino acids and proteins. Whip raw egg whites with a fork, and apply a thick layer over the affected area with a brush. Allow the egg whites to dry, and rinse with cold water. Apply olive oil throughout the day to keep the area moist. Expect to see results after two weeks.

Lemon juice and potato juice has a natural acidity that helps reduce stretch marks acne and other scars apply to affected area for about ten minutes let it dry and remove with Luke warm water

There are also other methods that you can try including sea butter , sugar , Aloe Vera

5.Foods And Other Supplements

6 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks In Under 30 Days!

Common reason for rapid muscle development that causes stretch marks is using steroids, creatine, or other enhancing drugs that promote quick muscle development. While these drugs may help you get buff faster, they may also cause your skin to stretch, tear, and form stretch mark scars due to your skin being unprepared for such rapid change in shape. While it will take longer to develop muscles naturally, you’ll be happier with how your body looks in the end if you don’t end up with stretch marks.

Collagen found in the human body is a protein that helps with overall skin health by eating specifically kinds of food you can increase the production of collagen in the body these food include but are not limited to Berries fish green vegetables and lean meat like tuna salmon

6.Hydrate (Drink Plenty Of Water)

6 Ways To Remove Stretch Marks In Under 30 Days!

A lot of people take water for granted Drinking water will help with keeping your skin supple and hydrated I.E. You can ask your doctor about advice on how much water is enough if you have a rigors exercise plan

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