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As I woke up this morning, I wondered to myself I have been doing yoga for three years now and I probably know more about yoga than most people but What is the benefits of yoga anyway the short answer:By doing yoga you are building strength and harmony within your soul yoga let your mind and body be one focus on all sensors that include breathing exercise meditation and posture 

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  • let’s get a little bit deeper inside the benefits of yoga they are mostly two big benefits of yoga namely
  1.  Mental benefits
  2.  Physical benefits

Mental benefits include:

  • Manage stress 
  • Sharpens concentration 
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Powerful Focus 

Physical benefits include:

  • Weight loss 
  • Muscle building 
  • Toning and flexibility
  •  Reduce tiredness

So if you practice yoga what should your goals be, well not only can it liberate pain and the ultimate goal of yoga should be to liberate from some sort of problem or pain.

There are five principles when it comes to yoga:  

  1. Yoga is a disciplined method for reaching a goal. 
  2. It is the techniques of controlling the body and mind. 
  3. Yoga in its truest form is a school of philosophy. 
  4. The goal of yoga is practice and practice and more practice.
  5. There are different types of yoga mantra, yantra, laya.

Humans like all other animals on planet Earth are in any two States at any given time namely flight-or-fight rest and digest when you are in the rest and digest stage your body is more calm and your mind at ease resizeimage 3

This has been shown that practicing yoga puts you into this rest-and-digest stage another few benefits of yoga are it relieves stress responses

A study done at the University of Utah show that affects yoga on stress responses by looking at the participants pain tolerance they notice when fitted to an MRI scanner participants would be put through thumb pain which means an object is placed on the thumb and pressure is applied until the finger is retracted or the hand is moved from where it was placed at the start of the experiment participants in the study were 16 normal students and 14 students that practiced yoga on a regular basis study has shown that these 14 students practicing yoga has a much  higher pain tolerance than that of the other normal 16 students.

 MRI scans also show that pain is much more minimal in these 14 students than those 16 normal students.

 There are also some weird and wonderful benefits when it comes to yoga these benefits are not normally known but let’s quickly make a list a study done by the top three rated Online dating websites have shown that  guys and girls using the word yoga are 1000% more likely to get a date than those that do not use the word yoga

 He has shown that yoga is able to strengthen your immune system at a very fine Gene level or DNA level meaning you will be able to fight stuff like flu and cold 

By doing yoga for 30 minutes a day studies have shown that mental clarity and wellness are 25% more likely when you are 50 years and older Yoga reduces high blood pressure resizeimage 2

 In conclusion 

The benefits of yoga are enormous and by no waste can be ignored these days yoga has started in unknown time in India and progressed to the Western world as we know it today my suggestion is to get started

It is important to find the right yoga style for you talk with your healthcare provider or practitioner to get an idea what type of yoga you can do tell your practitioner about injuries or physical problems that you have and then just give it a try yoga can help you get fit For Life it also can help to prevent or ease back pain and muscle or joint injury 

Another thing that most people fail to notice is that yoga is a great exercise yoga is a fantastic workout for your body you can adapt the practices and the level of comfort to your own well-being and own time they are amazing movements in yoga that you can practice no matter what your age or physical form

 Another small but very important benefit of yoga is that it can improve sleeplessness after practicing yoga for 20 minutes in the first two weeks you will start to notice that your sleep patterns are much more regular then it was Another benefit of yoga is posture keeping your head on your shoulders takes a lot of energy and muscle strength which means that if you move your head a few angles or degrees to the front or the back your muscles has to support this doing yoga every day can help your muscles develop great posture 

As I wrote this article before I start it I wondered what really is yoga after going through this article I believe I have cached the core belief of yoga let me just say this that there is much much more than yoga and much much more than what is in this article I tried to summarise just what the benefits of yoga if you would like me to write another one more in-depth please leave a comment the resources that I had 20 studying this article would also be just underneath this article please leave a comment tell me what you think about the benefits of yoga is there maybe something I left out maybe something I can include in an update and then also please find some more blocked both just underneath the comment section

One last thing you would never know if all these things and all the benefits of yoga really works when you haven’t tried so please bear with me and keep an open mind I would encourage you just to try these yoga techniques benefits of yoga say for 20 minutes for 2 weeks and see if there any changes happen I myself were very sceptical but after three years I’m still practicing yoga have a nice day see you soon



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